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Become our Affiliate

Are you an Accountant, Engineer, Insurer, Entrepreneur? Do you want to have an income and take advantage of your circle of acquaintances?


Promote products and services of Ependysis Business Consultants and automatically gain important commission rates that reach up to 30%. There is no minimum turnover and you can easily start in the next five minutes.


A unique advantage of our procurement system (affiliate), is that as an affiliate get's the commission for as long as the customer remains. We want satisfied associates / affiliates! We want to send our customers and then to have a relationship of mutual benefit.


What is Affiliate Marketing;


Affiliate Marketing is the most widespread method Performance Marketing but also the most "original" version. The term Affiliate Marketing basically describes the relationship between the Customer (natural or legal person) and Affiliate (or partners), in which the second introduces the first in Ependysis Business Consultants and paid only if these customers choose the provided services ( in all cases this action is making a purchase). This payment method is called Cost per Action (CPA) and is the one that differentiates Affiliate Marketing from the other promotional and advertising methods. Let's see a little more detail:


Who is defined as Customer?


Customer is defined as any natural or legal person who is interested in the products & services of Ependysis Business Consultants, which proceeds to buy one or more and successfully completes the agreed (based in the bilateral project agreement with Ependysis Business Consultants) payment.


Who is defined as Affiliate (Partner);


As Affiliate (Partner) is defined any trader (Accountant, Engineer, Entrepreneur) who has the possibility to recommend customers to Ependysis Business Consultants in order to pay an agreed amount or commission (under private contract cooperation).


Why become an Affiliate (Partner);



Quite simply because you have nothing to lose! Our company offers significant supply rates, which amount to 30%. Moreover, Ependysis Business Consultants provides you with all the tools and instruments (summaries of funding programs, information for them, support through our helpdesk, etc.), you need to successfully recommend some client.




As a genuine form of Performance Marketing, Affiliate Marketing model that we use is based on the model CPA (Cost per Action), which means payment only in a place of an agreed action. In all cases this action is making a purchase, therefore we are based on about CPS (Cost per Sale).


 Payment of the Affiliate completed if the Client successfully pays the agreed fee to Ependysis Business Consultants, within a period of 10 days from the payment of the Customer.


Contact us to find out the scale of our affiliates.


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