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Supporting Start-ups for research utilization  results and innovative ideas

(Start up-Spin-off / Spin-out Technoblasts)


The object of the action is to support the establishment and development of new knowledge-intensive enterprises by universities, technical institutes, research centers, companies, researchers of the above institutions, as well as by independent private researchers in need of support for commercial
utilization / commercialization of mature research results and innovative ideas.
The action aims to support the creation, as well as the development of new, innovative business activities through the utilization of existing or new patents with commercial potential, the implementation of innovative investment plans and the utilization of knowledge produced by researchers, scientists and from dynamic new companies with innovative activities. This action is expected to contribute to the production of new innovative and advanced (improved) products and services, of high added value, in order to create a competitive advantage of the country in the selected sectors, as well as to penetrate new markets.
Thematically, the action will focus on the research and technological priorities in specific Thematic Areas and in particular on the scientific sub-areas that have emerged from the business discovery process coordinated by the advisory teams of the respective Innovation Platforms of the GSRT.


The action will support activities such as the following (indicative):

  • cost of establishment and initial operation of the business

  • business plan and market research studies, with emphasis on documenting financial viability and seeking capital support

  • research and development of a prototype product, technical feasibility studies

  • support for technology transfer contracts, patents, as well as research and technological results

  • liaison actions with potential partners and customers in Greece and (mainly) abroad, product promotion / dissemination actions, participation in national and international conferences and exhibitions

  • costs and legal support of intellectual property rights, as well as file preparation-submission-validation-protection-patents.

Potential beneficiaries

Knowledge-intensive businesses, newly established and existing to support.


The indicative budget of the action amounts to 35,000,000 € (public expenditure). The total budget of the action amounts to € 46 million.

Estimated date of issue of the invitation : First quarter 2017

Duration of investment projects : 24-30  months.

THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones at: 2112155988 or email  .

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