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NSRF 2014-2020  

Supporting Tourism Enterprises for their modernization and the quality upgrade of the provided services  















The program aims to strengthen investment plans  existing micro, small and medium tourism enterprises of all sectors for the modernization of their infrastructure and operation, their quality upgrade and the enrichment, the upgrade and the certification of the offered products and services, in order to improve their position in the domestic and international touristic market.


They can participate

  1. Existing & new very small, small and medium enterprises that are active in tourism.

  2. Existing companies and keep books BD and C 'category, which until 31.12.2015 have closed two or more management uses

  3. New companies and do not fall into the above category of existing and have been established until 31.12.2015.


They are subsidized with

amount of 15,000 euros to 150,000 euros

The funding covers 40% of the eligible costs and is increased by 10%, reaching 50% in the case of hiring new staff.


They are subsidized for

  • Buildings, installations and premises, Machinery - Equipment

  • Environmental protection & energy & water saving facilities

  • Development & Certification of quality assurance & environmental management systems

  • Salary costs of employees (existing and / or new staff)

  • Motor vehicles, unmanned yachts and bicycles of all kinds intended for hire as equipment of companies active in the relevant activities.

  • Vehicles for professional use, either mixed / multi-purpose, of at least nine (9) seats

  • Promotion costs

Expenditures will be eligible ONLY if they are made after 11.02.2016 date of publication of the invitation.


Basic conditions for participation

  • In companies with three or more uses, the company is required to employ on average. in the three years 2013-2015 at least half (0.5) of employed EME.

  • In businesses with two uses it is required, on average. in the two years 2014-2015 at least half (0.5) of employed EME.

  • In the event that the company has received aid from a previous program it should, including the aid from this action, not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros  within three years (current calendar year and the previous two years).


When and where to apply for funding

  • Funding applications are submitted ONLY electronically.

  • The start of the electronic submission will be on 29.03.2016 and will remain open until 04.07.2016.

  • There is no question of priority of filing the files as the evaluation will start after 04.07.2016.

  • The companies that will be evaluated positively in the action will be informed about the exact time and place of sending / receiving the physical file that will include the supporting documents.


Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submit NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company at: 2112155988 or email .  



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