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Establishment of businesses in  Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

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Information sheet for submitting applications for financing investment projects in the Action

The new Action "Support for business start-ups, as a priority in areas of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace"  It aims at  Establishment of companies in areas of the Regional Strategy of Smart Specialization (Regional RIS3), ie agri-food, tourism - culture, materials (plastic-rubber, non-metallic minerals) and innovative materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and health, environmental, energy, electricity, environment electronic equipment as well as in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) and concerns  concerns the improvement of the degree of economic exploitation of new business ideas through and their conversion into marketable products / services.

Submission Period:

Start of Submissions: 18 February 2020 

Closing of Submissions: 30  April  2020

Eligible program KAD

Beneficiaries of the Action:


Under establishment, very small, small and medium enterprises that:


(a) undertake to dispose of them at the time of their establishment or in the event that

they have  established  post  the edition  of  of this call, have an eligible KAD,

b) their investment plan concerns an eligible KAD (activity).

Please note that:

- Investment plans by companies with resumption of their business activity are not eligible.


Investment Plans & Support

Investment plans from 20,000  up to 285,000 euros.  

In the present action the public financing amounts to 70% and the private participation to 30%.

To approve the investment plan, the beneficiary must prove that he has secured at least 60% of the percentage of private participation required for the implementation of the investment plan.

Basic Conditions for Participation

   Applicants should: 

  • Commit that the business was not established prior to the issuance of this call.

  • To commit that the company will have or in case the company has been established after the issuance of this invitation, to declare that the company has an eligible KAD.

  • Be able to prove that they have at least 60% of the required private participation of the proposed investment plan.

  • To commit that the company will be established in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, until the payment of any aid.


Subsidized Expenses


  • Buildings, facilities and surrounding area

  • Equipment

    • Machinery​

    • Machinery - ICT Equipment / Automation systems and special computer systems

    • Means of transport

    • Other equipment

  • ​ Intangible expenses (up to 10%)

    • ​ Certification of products - services - processes

    • Software and software services

  • ​ Counseling, support and guidance

    • ​ Compilation, submission and monitoring

    • Other costs of consulting, support and guidance

  • ​ Digital projection

    • ​ View ad

    • Digital projection services

    • Website development

    • E-shop development / management


Expenditures incurred from the date of issuance of this call, ie 22/01/2020 are eligible.



THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones: 2112155988 or  .

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