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Leader of Fisheries - Cyclades

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Leader of Fisheries information program


The primary objective of the action is the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture areas, through
private investment.

Beneficiaries of the Action

• Fishermen or fishing vessel owners (natural or legal persons) who are professionally engaged in fishing on an active fishing vessel (with
professional fishing license in force), including inland fishing
• Non-fishermen, natural and legal persons

Submission period : 05/11/2021 - 14/01/2022  


Investment Budget 

The total budget of supported investments for all actions can reach up to € 600,000, while for operations related to intangible actions the total budget can not exceed the amount of € 100,000, while for investments that fall under state aid scheme is determined based on of Reg. (EU) 1407/2013 (de minimis) and amounts to the maximum amount of aid of € 200,000 Public Expenditure for a single company and the amount of € 100,000 in the case of companies that perform road freight on behalf of third parties.


Eligibility of Expenditure

The start date of the eligibility of the expenses for the investments of entrepreneurial measures of Reg. The date of approval of the Local Programs is set, ie 21.12.2016.

Retroactive costs are eligible up to 50% of the total implemented project budget. 
In case the (new) expenses incurred after the decision to join the transaction are less than the retroactive expenses, then the excess retroactive expenses are considered ineligible. In any case, during the last payment, the retroactivity rate of up to 50% of the eligible costs must be observed. It is pointed out that retroactive expenditures primarily cover private participation.


Eligible Costs

  • Building facilities / Construction-improvement of buildings

  • Purchase of new transport vehicles

  • Equipment - Purchase of equipment

  • Purchase and use of intangible fixed assets

  • Equipment - Spare parts as fixed equipment

  • Financial expenses, bank expenses and other charges of the beneficiary



  4.3.1 Investments contributing to the diversification of fishermen's incomes through the development of complementary activities, such as boat investments, fisheries tourism, fisheries-related environmental services and fisheries-related educational activities (Article 30, Reg.) ) 508/2014), subject to the conditions set out in paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of this Article (only for fishing tourism actions)

4.1.20 Investments in equipment or on board that aim to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and gases and to increase the energy efficiency of fishing vessels (Article 41.1, Reg. (EU) 508/2014). It also applies to inland watercraft  


3.4.4 Processing of fishery and aquaculture products, retail trade of fish  

Private investment for the sustainable development of fisheries areas  

  • Diversification outside of commercial fishing activities (for fishermen) 

  • Support for micro and small enterprises by non-fishermen taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the sea and coastal development "(non-fishermen)

The application for funding is submitted by the potential Beneficiaries mandatory electronically through the State Aid Management Information System (PSE).  

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