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Questions - Answers e-Retail

1. Question: Business, has a main retail KAD, but also has other KAD, which are not related to retail. The KAD related to retail was "closed", but operated as a business because under the other KAD it had the ability to remain open. Based on the above, is it considered eligible to submit to this program?

Answer: If the Retail CAD is either the MAIN Activity or the High Revenue Activity, then the company is eligible and can submit.

2. Question: The Invitation states: "Existing, if they have been established until 30/09/2019" and "Newly established, if they have been established from 1/10/2019 until the date of the announcement of the Action" If the company has been established before on 30/9/2019 and has added an eligible main KAD 25/01/2021, what kind of business is it?

Answer: The company belongs to the Existing ones regardless of the date of adding an eligible KAD.


3. Question: How is the case that while the headquarters of the company has an ineligible main KAD in the object of service provision, at the same time the branch has a main KAD of retail trade AND its operation was suspended for at least one day from 18/03/2020? Can it be subsidized for the branch as the online store will also cover the needs of the headquarters?

Answer: The Company can apply for funding with the details of the branch. The eligibility of the branch will be checked by the Printing of the Certificate of Indoor Facilities (with the date of printing being obvious which will be recent and later than the date of the invitation).

4. Question: It falls into the upgrade or creation of a new online store if an existing business: a) had an online store and wants to create a new one, b) had an online store, and for a while it did not work at all, and wants to create a new one. c) wholesale and retail business with an online store that served both activities wants to separate the activities, with the creation of a new online store exclusively for retail. d) was she "co-housing" (selling her products) in an online store that did not belong to her and she wants to make a new one of her own?

Answer: In all cases only the upgrade of the online store is eligible, except in case d) where the creation of a new one is eligible. In any case, the historicity of the new online store will be checked during the certification stage.

5. Question: Is the cost of a consultant fee included in the eligible costs?

Answer: No, eligible costs do not include the company consultant fee.

6. Question: How is it checked that the operation of the company has been suspended even for one day from 18/03/2020?

Answer: Through the Joint Ministerial Decisions issued and referring to the suspension of operations, in the context of protection against the spread of Covid-19. If the activity of the company has been included in the above JMCs, with an obligation of suspension, it is considered that its operation has been suspended. In addition, in the PSKE the interested party will be able to choose between these eligible activities.

7. Question: Company based in the prefecture of Attica and main KAD Metapisi has a Branch in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki with main KAD Retail trade. Wants to submit a proposal in the framework of the e-RETAIL Action. In which district does he submit?

Answer: Submit to the Region in which the eligible Activity is exercised. In this case, it submits to the Region of Central Macedonia. These details must be entered in the field "1.3 Location of the Investment" of the financing application. We point out that the Turnover of the company is examined as a whole and for all its activities.

8. Question: A company has an eligible KAD in the branch. According to its financial data, the decrease in turnover of at least 20% of the 4th quarter of 2020 compared to the corresponding of 2019, to meet the standard condition, is covered in the branch, but not in the whole company. Is it eligible for the program?

Answer: In order to check the fulfillment of the standard condition concerning the turnover, the companies will submit the Φ2 of the 4th quarter 2019 and 2020, supporting documents that concern the whole company, ie the change in the Turnover from the total activity of the company is examined. .

9. Question: Regarding the "e-retail" Action, franchise stores are excluded. In the case of a parent company, can it be included in the specific program (since of course it meets all the other criteria)?

Answer: Franchisor companies are not eligible for the "e-retail" Action.

10. Question: How is the existence of a physical space / retail store proven?

Answer: In the photos that will be presented should be captured: a) the showcase (showcase) of the physical store (photo from the outside of the store) b) indicative items for sale c) the interior of the store (product showcases, service area customers, cash transaction area).

11. Question: a) The online store should be accessible to people with disabilities. What are the specifications that must be met? Clarify whether the same should apply to the physical store? b) Is the upgrade of an online store only for the accessibility of the disabled, an eligible upgrade cost?

Answer: a) All requirements must be met, in accordance with the current institutional framework, to ensure the access of people with disabilities to the online store, in full compliance with the verifiable Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 at accessibility at least "AA" (WCAG 2.0, level AA). There is no relevant requirement for the physical store. b) Upgrading an existing online store for accessibility for the disabled is an eligible expense.

12. Question: The costs of photographing promotional products are eligible, such as participation in e-market places, google ads, SEO, etc.

Answer: Promotions such as the above, but also in general any form of promotion are not eligible costs.

13. Question: Expenditure was invoiced after the date of eligibility of expenditure (18/03/2020), but an advance payment was made before this date. Is the cost eligible?

Answer: According to the invitation of the Action, the total of the eligible expenses should have started as a Natural and Financial Object after 18/03/2020. This cost is therefore not eligible.

14. Question: In the "e-retail" Action, the online store should operate in two languages. Automated translation is selectable e.g. Google Translate;

Answer: In the context of the "e-retail" Action, the automatic translation of the online store is not eligible, to cover its operation in two languages.

Question: Is it mandatory to accompany the online store with ordering, warehousing and secure electronic payment functions?

Answer: The online store should have ordering functions (online ordering), warehouse (stock availability view) and secure electronic payments.

16. Question: Do the ordering functions simply concern the online store's ability to accept online orders?

Answer: The ordering functions are not just about the ability of the online store to accept online orders, but should indicate the availability of stock.

Question: Should a non-subsidized company complete and attach ANNEX IV Schedule of De minimis Grants?

Answer: Yes, it should be attached to even zero as it is a standard supporting document.

18. Question: Should a newly established company that has not closed a management year complete and attach the Responsible Declaration of ANNEX III - DECLARATION MODEL - DETAILS CONCERNING SME PROPERTY?

Answer: Yes, he should attach it even without data in order to state if he is independent / connected / collaborating.

19. Question: Are companies obliged to submit the initial periodic statements (Φ2) in addition to the amending ones, if any?


Answer: Businesses submit the latest valid periodic VAT return (Φ2). Therefore or only the original, if there are no amendments or the last amendment statement, if any. Attention, in all cases, all pages of the statement must be submitted.


20. Question: The E3 form (submission 2020) is required for the participation documents. Businesses whose tax year starts on 01/07 and ends on 30/06, for which year should they submit the E3 form?


Answer: The form E3 of 2020, concerns the year of submission 2020, with the financial data of 2019. These companies will have to present the last filed form E3. For this case, the E3 for the year 01/07/2018 to 30/06/2019 must be submitted.


21. Question: Which Responsible Statements require a genuine signature?


Answer: None when applying for funding. A genuine signature is required, after the issuance of the Accession Decision, for the Responsible Declaration of Acceptance of the Technical Annex.


Question 22: A company has a website for its presentation on the internet without making electronic sales through it (existing domain name). Wants to implement an online store in the same domain name. Is the online store eligible?

Answer: Yes, the costs for the implementation of an online store in an existing domain name of the company are eligible.


Question: Should the domain name be in .GR only?


Answer: There is no specific commitment as to the domain name extension.


24. Question: A company has an e-shop in an old domain and wants to build a new one in a new domain, removing the old one. When and how will it be checked whether the site existed or not?


Answer: The existence of an old domain will be subject to control at the time of certification.


25. Question: Banking environments during the Action are also considered the 3rd party providers type: viva wallet, paypal, skrillex, stripe, 2checkout etc. or only the 4-5 banks of Greece through ePOS?


Answer: Banking environments and 3rd party providers such as: viva wallet, paypal, skrillex, stripe, 2checkout etc. are accepted in the Action.


26. Question: Is there an obligation for newcomers to submit E3 (2020 submission) to the participation documents?


Answer: The specific participation document must be submitted only by the existing companies.

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