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Market Research


An integral part of Strategic and Business Planning is the deep knowledge of the market in which the company operates.


The study and monitoring of the market is achieved through techniques and methods which relate on the one hand to the analysis of secondary data (studies, publications, etc.) and on the other hand to the examination of primary data by implementing qualitative and quantitative market research.


The preparation of marketing plans is a multidimensional function, which analyzes, evaluates and combines all the elements of the marketing mix of each business unit:


Product, Distribution, Promotion, Price, People.



Investment Management

Businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are at the core of the economic and social life of every country.


Unleashing their enormous potential, it leads to improved competitiveness, stimulated employment, economic growth and social cohesion.


Investment is a tool for business development and there are a variety of tools for financing it.​ 

Business Restruring


The highly competitive environment requires a continuous effort to align business processes with the business strategy and achieve substantial improvements in critical performance factors, such as cost, quality, and the level and speed of customer service.

Feasibility Studies

The main purpose of feasibility / sustainability studies is to determine and quantify the costs and benefits of an investment, in order to facilitate decisions that need to be made during the life cycle of the business.


The results of these studies are a determining factor for the final decision to implement all investment efforts.​ 


Benchmarking is defined as: "a continuous, systematic process of comparing the performance of institutions or companies, actions or processes against the" best in the world "in order not only to reach the same levels of performance, but to surpass them".


The benchmarking technique helps to approach a number of issues such as: evaluating the performance of a company or a body compared to those who have achieved optimal performance, identifying weaknesses, etc.

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