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Liquidity Support for Very Small and Small Enterprises Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic in Western Macedonia

Στήριξη Ρευστότητας σε Πολύ Μικρές και Μ
Information sheet for submitting applications for financing investment projects in the Action

The new Program "Liquidity Support to Micro and Small Enterprises Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic in Western Macedonia" was announced in the framework of the Operational Program "Western Macedonia 2014-2020" with the aim of Improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and There will be sufficient liquidity in the market to deal with the effects of COVID-19 and to ensure the viability of businesses.

Submission Period:

Start of Submissions: 27  January 2021

Submission Deadline: April 22021

Eligible program KAD

Beneficiaries of the Action:

Beneficiaries of the aid, ie companies eligible for public funding in

In the context of this action, it is the Small and Very Small Enterprises that are operating legally

in the Region of Western Macedonia.

Investment Plans & Support

The public funding covers Working Capital equal to 50% of the expenses of the company made in 2019 and up to the amount of € 1,800.00 as reflected in E3 of the company, with a minimum grant amount of € 1,000.00 and a maximum of € 1,800, 00 €.
Total Available Public Expenditure: € 5,000,000.

Basic Conditions for Participation

1. To be active in the Region of Western Macedonia.

2. To have started before 1/1/2019.

3. Have at least one of the eligible KAD of Annex I, declared either as KAD of main activity or as KAD of activity with the highest income in E3 of 2019, which they exercise from 1/1/2020 until the day of submission of the proposal uninterrupted.

4. Be Very Small or Small Business

5. To operate or to commit that they will operate legally by having the appropriate, in accordance with the current legislation, operating license.

6. The sum of expenses arising from the following categories is equal to or greater than € 2,000 and less than € 10,000

▪ Consumer Goods Markets

▪ of the total Rent paid in the year by the company (excluding those paid for Agricultural-Biological activities)

▪ Purchases of Raw Materials and Consumables

▪ of the total Expenses for Provision of Services

▪ of the total Benefits to employees (except those who were engaged in Agricultural-Biological activities)

▪ The Various Operating Expenses (except those related to Agricultural-Biological activities)

7. In the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2020 (from 1/4/2020 to 30/9/2020) to show a decrease in their turnover, compared to the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2019 (from 1/4/2019 to and 30/9/2019), equal to or greater than 20%. If the reduction of turnover in the above mentioned period is less than 20%, the application for financing is automatically considered ineligible.

8. To keep haplographic or diplographic books of law 4308/2014.

9. To operate exclusively with one of the following types of companies of corporate / commercial character: Societe Anonyme, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Company, PC, Sole Proprietorship, N.E.P.A., Social Cooperative Company of Law 4430/2016 as in force, Cooperative, Law Firm of article 49 et seq. Of Law 4194/2013., Civil Society of Bailiffs, Society of Notaries Civil Society, Civil Non-Profit Companies (AMKE) and Institutions, if the following conditions apply cumulatively:

(a) also have a business;

(b) be subject to tax;

(c) not be legal entities under public law of a non - profit nature; and

(d) submit the following tax forms: E3, Form N & Periodic VAT return.

10. There should be no grounds for exclusion of paragraph 1 of article 40 of law 4488/2017 (AD137).

11. Not to be problem companies in accordance with the provisions of APPENDIX III: "DEFINITION OF PROBLEM BUSINESSES" of this call.

12. No recovery order of State aid is pending against the company, by decision of the European Commission or decision of the Court or the General Court of the European Union.

13 . To meet all the conditions of EU Regulation 1407/2013 14. According to EU Regulation 1407/2013, the total amount of de minimis aid granted to the single enterprise may not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros in any period of three financial years . Not eligible to apply for funding:

• financial institutions, offshore companies, Legal Entities under Public Law, public enterprises, public bodies or public bodies and / or their subsidiaries, as well as enterprises assimilated to them.

• companies that are part of an already organized uniform distribution network of products or services and which operate under relevant contracts licenses for intellectual property rights, usually related to trademarks or distinctive titles and know-how for the use and distribution of goods or services (e.g. x. franchising, Shop in shop, agency network, etc.) »Each company (AFM) has the right to submit a single proposal for financing in this action. In case it is found that more than one (1) funding applications have been submitted for the same VAT number, all applications are rejected.



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For more information call the company phones: 2112155988 or  .

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