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Modernization - Business upgrade to

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Information sheet for submitting applications for financing investment projects in the Action

The new Action Aid for the modernization - upgrading of existing micro, small and medium enterprises, as a priority in areas of the Regional Strategy of Smart Specialization in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace aims to strengthen investment projects as a priority in the areas of , ie agri-food, tourism-culture, materials (plastic-rubber, non-metallic minerals) and innovative materials, chemicals, medicines and health, environment, energy and hybrid technologies, electrical and electronic equipment as well as the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) .

Submission Period:

Start of Submissions: 18 February 2020 

Submission Deadline: May 27th  2020

Beneficiaries of the Action:

• Existing Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises that have closed the fiscal years of 2017 and 2018 and until the date of issuance of the action announcement have at least one eligible KAD, and their investment plan also concerns an eligible KAD.


It is pointed out that companies that have been included in the invitation to "Strengthen the establishment and operation of New Tourism Enterprises" are not eligible. Also, since the investment KAD belongs to the Wholesale Trade sector, in order for the investment plan to be considered eligible, 80% of the average income of the two years 2017 and 2018 must be proven to come from wholesale sales.


Investment Plans & Support

Investment plans from 60,000  up to 800,000 euros. 

The aid rate is described as follows:

  • Regional investment aid : up to 55% for small and micro enterprises and up to 45%  for medium-sized enterprises

  • Aid for consulting services to SMEs : up to 50%

  • Aid for SME participation in trade fairs : up to 50%

Basic Conditions for Participation

   Businesses should:  

  •   Do not belong to an already organized uniform network for the distribution of products or the provision of services, which is exploited under relevant contracts under licenses of intellectual property rights, usually related to trademarks or distinctive signs.
    titles and know-how for the use and distribution of goods or services (eg franchising, shop in shop, agency network), and operates in one of the program forms eligible by the program.

  • To operate legally by having the appropriate, in accordance with the current legislation, operating license

  • Submit expenditure that has not been funded and has not been included in another program funded by national or Community funds

  • Not to have been imposed on them within a period of two (2) years before the expiration date of the deadline for submission of applications: 
    a) three (3) acts of imposition of a fine by the competent auditing bodies of the Labor Inspection Body for violations of the labor legislation that are characterized, according to the u.a. 2063 / Δ1632 / 2011 (ΒΔ 266), as in force from time to time, as "high" or "very high" severity, which result in a total of three (3) audits performed, or b) two (2) fines imposed by the competent auditing bodies of the Labor Inspection Body for violations of the labor legislation related to undeclared work, which result from a total of two (2) audits carried out.
    Penalties under a) and b) must have acquired final and binding force.

  • To make an investment proposal per TIN, exclusively in only one Region

  • To submit an investment plan that concerns an eligible KAD.


Subsidized Expenses

ELIGIBLE EXPENDITURE (date of commencement of eligibility is set as the date of submission of the proposal)

  • Regional investment aid (up to 80% of the subsidized budget)

    • Buildings, installations and premises, Equipment

      • Mechanical Equipment, Machinery - ICT Equipment, Means of Transport (up to € 20,000), 

      • Other Equipment (up to € 10,000)

    • Intangible assets

      • Certification of products - services - procedures (up to € 10,000 per certificate)

      • Software and software services

  • Aid for consulting services to SMEs (up to € 30,000)

    • Consulting, support and guidance costs

    • Expenditure on monitoring and management of the investment plan (from € 4,000 to € 10,000 depending on the subsidized budget),

    • Study costs - consulting (up to € 2,500 per study and a total of up to € 6,000)

  • Aid for SME participation in trade fairs

    • Participation in trade fairs (up to € 3,000 for exhibitions in Greece and up to € 6,000 for exhibitions abroad)


The costs are eligible from the date of submission of the investment  proposal.


THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones: 2112155988 or  .

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