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Aromatic Plants Craft

Is  A common secret from antiquity, in fact, is that Greek Nature generously provides the raw material, from which companies can benefit, offering quality products.  


Greek cosmetics from oil, honey, dittany and other herbs are conquering international markets, as the prices of these products are very attractive to the consumer. Greek plants and herbs have established their place in both pharmacy and cosmetology internationally.


And while there are many entrepreneurs in the field, the industry shows that it still has prospects for further growth in the future, especially for those who invest in know-how and research that will ensure a huge competitive advantage.



H  E pendysis  Business  Consultants  suggests the following necessary steps:


First:  Do a market research. Some products sell better than others, while in this research you should definitely talk to experts who can help you locate the next Kozani Crocus.


Secondly:  Work with one of these experts. The know-how in this genre is out of the question! The advantage that will be given to you is such that the rest pale in front of him.


Thirdly:  Choose the type of product you want to produce, based on the research you have done and the viability study that will be written. That is, if they will be species pr

of raw materials, e.g. oil, honey, herbs, etc., as well as in the creation of a unit for the standardization of the product.


Sixth:  Certify your product from  competent body so that you can prove that it is organic.

Seventh:  Organize the distribution network structure.


Eighth:  By using the Internet and other media, invest in promoting the product in the markets.

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