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Restructuring Project


The company top management changed in the past two years.


The new generation of Arvanitis familly was nominated CEO and main shareholder of the 

company. A restructuring was needed to fit the new business model arised.  


Crisis also pushed to this direction.  


Primarly interviews with former and present CEO, plus the Board of Directors, gave the 

necessary information for the company to our consultants.


Main competitors, investment plans, opinion for the market was noted and analyzed.


After that a SWOT analysis helped management to identify Strengths, Weaknesss,

Opportunities and possible Threats.  


Since, a company is based on it's personnel, an internal enviroment GAP analysis took place.  


This showed in which deegree management had a clear view of the company.  


After that information for subsidy programs compatible with the new business model was delivered to the management.  


The personnel was educated for marketing, management and sales techniques through seminars.  


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