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Athens Business Green Toolkit


The new NSRF action Athens Business Green Toolkit aims to upgrade businesses in the Historic Center of Athens with terms of green operation to improve their image.

Small and micro enterprises are supported to upgrade their operation based on the principles of energy efficiency and bioclimatic design (Athens Business Green Toolkit).

As a result, the aim is to create business facilities that will consume as little energy as possible, will be environmentally friendly, will provide the required safety and comfort to users, will integrate modern operating elements with the use of innovation, to ensure improved internal conditions. while at the same time promoting the environmental upgrading of the urban environment as a whole.

The subsidized budget of each investment project ranges from € 5,000 to € 30,000. Investment Plans with PCs less than € 5,000.00 are considered ineligible and can not be submitted.


In the event that the investment project will have a budget of more than € 30,000, the excess amount will be considered a 100% private participation for the implementation of the project. In this case, although the excess costs are not subsidized, the whole investment plan, including the excess costs, is evaluated and monitored.

The program is aimed at Small and Very Small Enterprises, which legally operate and carry out economic activity in the historic center of the Municipality of Athens, as it has been identified as an intervention area in the approved SVAA of Athens.

The action is funded by:

  • Interventions on the building and the surrounding area to save energy

  • Equipment for energy saving and / or environmental protection

  • Certification of energy management systems (ISO 50001 standard)

  • Costs of Technical Studies / Training / Investment Plan Monitoring

  • In addition, support costs are increased for consulting services to monitor the investment plan, technical studies required for the implementation of the investment, studies for obtaining quality assurance certificates


The total budget of the action amounts to € 2,300,000

The total amount of the co-financed public expenditure of this action can be modified up to the amount of 5,000,000 €.

Submission Period

From 5/5/2021 to 6/8/2021 (and time 15:00)


The application for funding is submitted by the potential Beneficiaries compulsorily electronically through the State Aid Management Information System (PSKE) ( using the funding application form standardized in the PSKE. Funding applications in which not all the required fields of the PSE have been filled in, will not be possible to submit.

Terms and Conditions for joining the program

Beneficiaries of the aid, ie companies that may receive public funding under this action, are the Very Small and Small Enterprises, which legally operate and operate in the historic center of the Municipality of Athens, as designated as an intervention area in the approved SVAA Athena's


Businesses in particular should:

At least three (3) full closed management fiscal periods of 12 months have been closed,

ii. They have at least one of the eligible investment KDIs as an active primary or secondary activity throughout these last three management years.

iii. To be classified with the Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings (KENAK) in an energy efficiency category of less than or equal to D based on the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC), which has been issued after 26.11.2017

The intervention area is enclosed by the following routes:

St. Meletiou, I. Drossopoulou, Fokionos Negri, Zakynthos, Kypselis, Mavromataion, Vas. Heraklion, Bouboulinas, Stournari, Arachovis, Em. Benaki, Akadimias, Vas. Sof. Leof. Vas Avenue. Konstantinou, Ardittou Ave., Kallirrois, Vrygou, Tharypou, Durm, Filinou, Evridamantos, Kratitos, El. Venizelou, Ephesus, Syggrou Avenue, Lagoumitzi, Al. Pantou, Odys. Androutsou, Faliro, Makrigianni, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Vas. Amalias, Pittakou, Periandrou Ave., Asteriou Tsagari Monastery, Tsatsou, Filellinon, Mitropoleos Monastiraki, Areos, Adrianou, Ag. Asomaton, Ap. Pavlou, Iraklidon, Thessaloniki, Aigeidon, Pandorou, Hamosternas, Ag. Sofias, Chrys. Smyrnis, Tavros, Mainemeni, Constantinople, Th. Diligianni, Domokou, Sepolion, Liossia, Pl. Attiki, Admittou, Ag. Meletiou.

THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones: 2112155988 or  .

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