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Benchmarking Studies

Benchmarking is defined as "a continuous, systematic comparison process between organizations or businesses, actions or proceedings opposing top dogs of the world in order not only to reach the same levels of performance, but to overcome it".


This analysis is used for the classification and comparison of various sub-systems. Applied mainly in geographical terms (comparing countries or regions), but also at a sectoral level (compare sectors or industries); focuses on the analysis of available measurements that are used for conclusions of the effectiveness that these systems have and the potential problems that need to be addressed.


Benchmarking technique helps to access a range of issues including: 1) performance evaluation of a company or an institution in comparison with those who have achieved the best performance, 2) identify weaknesses, etc.


In this context, Ependysis provides the following services:


  • Process Benchmarking

  • Performance Benchmarking

  • Strategic Benchmarking

  • Internal Benchmarking

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