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Benchmarking Studies

Benchmarking is defined as: "a continuous, systematic process of comparing the performance of institutions or companies, actions or processes against the" best in the world "in order not only to reach the same levels of performance, but to surpass them".

This form of analysis is used to classify and compare different subsystems. It applies mainly at the geographical level (comparison of countries or regions), but also at the sectoral level (comparisons of sectors or sectors) and focuses on the analysis of available measurements to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of these systems and possible problems to be addressed.

The benchmarking technique helps to approach a number of issues such as: evaluating the performance of a company or a body compared to those who have achieved optimal performance, identifying weaknesses, etc.

In this context, the following services are provided:

  • Benchmarking Processes

  • Performance Benchmarking

  • Strategic Benchmarking

  • Interior Benchmarking

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