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Development of Local Business Parks for Manufacturing and Supply Chain


The Program entitled " Development of Local Business Parks for Manufacturing and Supply Chain " attempts to orient and mobilize business entities towards the development and operation of organized Business Parks of various categories based on the provisions and definitions of Law 3982/2011.

The aim of the program is to create modern business-industrial infrastructure and logistics infrastructure in the regions of the country, which are expected to contribute substantially to the local economies. At the same time, they aim to protect the environment and improve the quality of life of residents around or near these areas.

Action Budget

  • Total Budget: 40 million euros .

  • Public Expenditure: 16 million euros (depending on the regional distribution of parks that will be supported and the articles of EC651 / 2014 that will be implemented).

Eligible Actions

The eligible actions and costs of the program are defined in no. Φ / Α / 15.3 / οικ.3453 / 257 / 13-3-2013 (Government Gazette 702 Β) ΥΑ in combination with the restrictions set by Regulation 651/2014 and according to par. 6 of article 51 of law 3982 / 2011 concern indicatively:

  • Preparation of business plan, studies and infrastructure plans, implementation acts (where applicable),

  • Construction of infrastructure projects and communal supporting and public infrastructure and facilities,

  • Landscaping,

  • Expenditures for electromechanical and other installations for common services of the Business Parks,

  • Expenditure on electronic monitoring equipment, control of infrastructure management and use of modern technological communications and information technology infrastructures,

  • Costs of water intake projects inside and outside the boundaries of business parks and costs of connection to energy and telecommunication networks,

  • Expenditures for the creation of a market place for the promotion of the products of the businesses of the Business Park,

  • Expenditure on waste treatment and disposal projects inside and outside the OP,

  • Expenditures for soil remediation from previous pollution and restoration of the environment,

  • Expenditure on external infrastructure projects and connection to roads and any railway axes,

  • Land acquisition cost for a percentage of up to ten percent (10%) of the cost of technical works.

Recipients - Beneficiaries

The program will be aimed at business park managers. The potential beneficiary (s) must meet the following basic requirements:

A) To be a legal entity and to be a Business Park Development Company (EANEP), according to articles 41 and 45 of law 3982/11, ie to be a legal entity in the form of a public limited company 2190/1920 (A '37) and undertakes the preparation and implementation of the Business Development Plan and the administration and management of the Business Park until its transfer, in accordance with the provisions of Law 3982/11, and to generally fulfill the other conditions of Law 3982/2011.

B) To be a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).


The business plans will last 24 months .


The invitation of the program Development of Local Business Parks for the Processing and Supply Chain is expected to be issued in the Fall of 2016 .

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