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Business Ideas 

Admittedly,  Greece is going through a difficult period of economic crisis. 

The latest statistics indicate the need for a change of strategy and the focus of economic policy on the difficult, but at the same time necessary vision of growth.  


The effort to do business in Greece  and enter the production process,  it often encounters obstacles and constraints that discourage 'creative minds' from promoting innovative ideas in Greece and abroad, while at the same time reinforcing the fear of failure among other potential entrepreneurs.

The use of Community funds, known to all of us as 'subsidies', has been problematic in the past many times. The 'bad practices' have led to their discrediting, with the result that healthy market forces have not been strengthened, but have not even entered the bidding process.  


Other times, many people, not having the patience, the will or the expert opinion to search and find the program that suits them, are disappointed and miss important opportunities, which could help their business, survive and developed, especially during the critical period of the first three years of its existence.


The role of the consultant is extremely important and unfortunately, it has not been understood, both by the general public and by the state, as it is not protected by a certification that would clarify the market and enable consultants to invest in know-how. and 'good practices'.

Diagnosing the need for information, we present to you brief business plans of various market sectors.  Our goal is to give you an idea of the potential of subsidies, but also of business in general today. These ideas will be updated at regular intervals, while they will be added or removed depending on the developments.  


THE  Hellas  concerns us all and the wonderful journey of entrepreneurship, innovation and 'good practice' is ultimately the responsibility of us all


H  Ependysis Business Consultants  is here to support you. By clicking on the image above you will browse business idea presentations, so that you have a better first information. Then, you can always contact us for any questions you may have.  


Ypsilantis Tzouros, CEO @Ependysis

When you go to Ithaca,
wish the road is long,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.
The Laistrigonas and the Cyclops,
do not be afraid of the angry Poseidon,
you will never find such on your way,
if your thinking is high, if your choice
emotion touches your mind and body.


Κ.Π. Cavafy Ithaca

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