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Strengthening value chains - Collaborative Formations - Networking


Information plan for submitting applications for financing investment projects 

Creating permanent - stable inter-business partnerships and critical mass required to achieve economies of scale, better coordination of the supply chain, improving the quality of products and services provided, the implementation of modern logistics systems, increasing bargaining power greater market shares and enhancing extroversion.

Target Audience

The companies participating in the Action are:

  • Existing SMEs that keep haplographic books (B 'category) or bibliographic books (C' category), which until 31/12/2019 have closed two or more full management uses and have active at least one eligible KAD (main or secondary) of the Annex III of the Invitation before the date of electronic submission of the proposal and at least from 31/12/2019.

  • New media that keep haplographic books (B 'category) or bibliographic books (C' category) and do not
    fall into the above category of existing, have been established before the date of publication
    of this Action and have at least one eligible KAD (main or secondary) of the
    Annex III of the Invitation prior to the submission of the proposal.

  • Establishment of SMEs which will fill a localized gap in the value chain and which will be established after
    the date of issue of this Invitation and has the KAD of their investment (of
    Annex III of the Invitation) before the first disbursement, including the down payment.

Beneficiaries are companies that participate in Cooperative Formations groups, which
consist of at least 3 existing and new independent small and medium enterprises
(SMEs), with vertical, complementary, and / or similar activities.

At least one existing processing company is required to participate in the cooperative.

The eligible Beneficiaries and for each cooperative formation may include one (the
much) under establishment MμE, which will fill a localized gap in the value chain.

Submission period

From 31/5/2021 to 30/7/2021 (time 15:00)


The Financing Application will be submitted electronically on the platform of the State Aid Information System (PSE) .

Terms and conditions

Investment projects of cooperating companies are subsidized, the total amount of which per cooperation proposal will range from 400,000 euros to 3,000,000 euros, depending on the number of companies participating in the proposed cooperation agreement.

Each member / beneficiary of the cooperative must, inter alia, meet the following conditions:

  • to participate only in one Investment Plan per TIN

  • to be active or to be active in the eligible sectors of activity (EQS) referred to in Annex III of this Invitation, as well as to carry out the corresponding expenditures in the Region from which they are financed

  • to operate exclusively with one of the following types of corporate / commercial enterprises: Societe Anonyme, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Company, IKE, Sole Proprietorship, Social Cooperative Enterprise of Law 4430/2016 as in force, Cooperative

  • to keep or undertake to keep, if their proposal is approved, haplographic or diplographic books of law 4308/2014

  • confirm that, in the two years prior to the aid application, it has not relocated to the business establishment where the initial investment for which the aid is sought will be made, and undertakes not to do so within a maximum period of two years after the completion of the initial investment for which the aid is requested. when AR.22 CAN.651 / 2014 is used, small enterprises are not listed on the stock exchange, up to five years after their registration, which meet the following conditions: a) they have not undertaken the activity of another enterprise, b) they have not have not yet distributed profits, c) have not been formed through a merger.

For eligible companies that are not subject to registration, the five-year eligibility period can be considered as starting from the moment the company either starts its economic activity or becomes liable to pay tax for its economic activity. to operate legally by having the appropriate licensing document, in accordance with the current legislation and their activity (eg operating license, Responsible declaration of commissioning, exemption of operating license, notification of commissioning, etc. This condition does not apply to the recommended to declare as a place for the implementation of the actions of this action exclusively one Region.

The application for financing states the Region in which the corresponding part of the investment plan will be carried out.

The private participation of the beneficiary of the aid must amount to at least 25% of the eligible costs, either through own resources or through external financing and in a form that does not contain elements of state aid / support, for the costs subsidized under Article 14 of Reg. EU 651/2014.

Companies affiliated or cooperating with each other should not participate in the cooperative scheme.

What is funded

Eligible costs include:

  • Buildings - Special and auxiliary facilities

  • Machinery - Equipment - Technical installations

  • Means of transport

  • Transfer of technology and know-how

  • Certification of systems and products / services

  • Software and organization systems

  • Consulting services to SMEs

  • Promotion - Product promotion in target markets

  • Costs of establishment and provision of services

  • Acquisition, validation and protection of patents and other intangible assets.

The deadline for completion of the financed investments may not exceed 18 months from the date of issuance of the Accession Decision.


€ 32,000,000



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