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Preserved Building Subsidy Plan - Cyprus

Invitation Description:


The sponsorship concerns the maintenance / restoration of the building and is provided as a whole only for its complete maintenance, only once.

It can be re-provided for complete building maintenance, after a period of about twenty years from the previous incentive.

In the event that the building is damaged in addition to the usual wear and tear of time by specific causes (eg earthquake, fire, landslide), it is possible to consider incentives twenty years ago.

In general, applications for grants for work done in the past are not approved in a period when there were no incentives or the specific incentives for which the application is submitted, unless a special permit has been granted.

It is understood that no incentives are given for work carried out on the building before it was declared protected, even if they were carried out on the basis of approved plans.

In addition, incentives are provided only for the original part of the building that exists on the spot and in no case for reconstruction of a new building on the traces of an old one that was demolished or collapsed, regardless of the request of the Planning or Local Authority to return to its original condition.

Owner of listed buildings other than one, it is possible to benefit from the incentives provided separately for the  each independent (in a separate piece) building.


In case of co-ownership of a listed building, each co-owner will benefit from the incentives, according to the area of the building part that belongs to him, meaning that he has a separate title deed and the total grant percentage of all co-owners is the same as if the building were a .



Total Invitation Budget:  


€ 5,000,000 (2014)



Grant / Co-financing Rate:

  • 40% of the recognized costs in urban areas

  • 50% of the recognized costs in rural areas

  • Maximum amount: € 90,000




  • Private Bodies 

  • Nonprofit organizations 

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 

  • Researchers / Research Centers / Organizations 

  • Local Government Principles 

  • Educational institutions 

  • Non-Governmental Organizations 

  • Associations / Associations 

  • Investment Funds 

  • Chambers 

  • Financial institutions 

  • Trade Unions 

  • Training Centers 

  • Parliamentary Bodies 

  • International organizations 

  • Big companies  


Specifically Beneficiaries are Owners of Preserved Buildings .

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