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De Minimis Aid Scheme for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) active in the processing and / or marketing of industrial products for foreign market research - Cyprus

Invitation Description:


The Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism provides financial support to Cypriot companies to cover the costs of travel to foreign countries with the sole purpose of conducting market research in countries where they intend to export their products for the first time.


The aid is provided to the beneficiaries up to twice a year and covers the travel expenses of one person only for travel in financial position, up to the amount of € 855 per trip. In cases where a market research covers more than one country, the amount of the sponsorship may not exceed € 855.


Applicants must submit the relevant application form to the Ministry either by hand or by registered mail, at least 15 calendar days before the trip.


It is emphasized that the applicant must not have researched the specific foreign market during the last three years nor have he exported to this market during the last three years.


The Plan does not cover applicants participating in exhibitions, missions and / or other activities organized during the same period by the Ministry, other government agencies and / or other private sector entities.


Total Invitation Budget :  


€ 15,000.


Grant / Co-financing Rate:

Maximum sponsorship of € 855 per trip.




  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 

  • Small and medium enterprises active in the fields of processing and / or marketing of industrial products

Start of Proposal Submission:  19/01/2017

Closing of Proposals:  31/12/2017

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