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Hellenic Association of Start-ups

Hellenic Startup Association

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The most direct way  of expression and action for members of the community is the participation in the meetings of the Hellenic Start-up Association:

"I am - I do - I want"

Our basic position in the Hellenic Start-up Association is that  Entrepreneurship is a de facto social activity.  We still perceive his sense as increasingly important for start-ups  belong to a community, as well as vital  collaborations  -  synergies  that can emerge and promote a start up in its first steps.

So to support our members we organize separately  networking events  in a structured, predetermined but at the same time relaxed form. They are carried out  systematically, on the second Wednesday of every second month, starting in October 2012.   The slogan is given by the very title of the series of events -  "I am-I do-I want":

Every attendee has at his disposal  Two minutes  for

  • to  present  himself and his professional capacity,

  • to  reported  how it operates (or intends to operate) on a business level

  • to  recommend  in the community the members of his team, the object of the start-up that he represents as well as the needs, help and cooperation that he would like to receive from the community.


There is always free time for open discussion between members on issues of common interest.

HSA University

One of the planned actions of the Hellenic Start-up Association will concern a series of  Educational Workshops  in matters of new entrepreneurship,  with the name  HSA University. We aspire to touch  thematic areas from which they lack the necessary knowledge or experience ..  hatching  businessmen.

They take place on the second Wednesday of every second month and alternately with the networking meetings "I am-I-do-I want", starting on Wednesday 12 December and will refer to thematic areas, for which it is advisable to inform and transfer knowledge to the community. start-ups. The first two topics:

HSA Uni # 1  (12/12/2012): "Basic concepts and practical tips for financing start-ups"  - Speakers  Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, President of the Hellenic Venture Capital Association (HVCA), Co-founder & CEO Attica Ventures,  and Mr. George Koutsogiannopoulos, President of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (ENEVI) and Co-founder & CEO of Helic.

HSA Uni # 2  (13/02/2013):  "NSRF Uncovered: Opportunities for strengthening young entrepreneurship through co-financed programs"  - Speakers  Mr. Angelos Maglis from the company ATLANTIS,  Mr. Stelios Spyrakis  from  DigiConsult Ltd.  ,  Mr.  Ypsilantis Tzouros  from  Ependysis Business Consultants  and  Mr. Giannis Troulis  from  TTMI Consulting Ltd.


With the above two alone, our community will have a meeting and reference point, at least once a month! In addition to :

Open Brainstorming Meetings  

Open meetings of start-ups in order to formulate a collective strategy and corresponding actions to promote innovative & extroverted entrepreneurship - More information soon.

Pitching events

Pitching events, selective presentation of the most advanced business plans by members of EENE,  in the network of Hellenic Angels, the first non-profit network of business angels in Greece.  Two are planned  meetings per year, more information coming soon.

Annual conference 

The first annual conference of the Hellenic Start-up Association was held in February 2012, with great success, the next one is scheduled for February 2013. Participation for members of the Hellenic Start-up Association will be free.


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