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Entrepreneurship Development of Existing and Newly Established Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.)


The Action "Development of entrepreneurship of existing and newly established Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.)" concerns the implementation of sustainable business plans by Social Cooperative Enterprises that will be designed based on their social impact.
Business plans can relate to:

  • acquisition of necessary equipment and / or receipt of necessary services for the implementation of the investment plan

  • targeted reinforcement of quality assurance needs of services or products provided

  • cover part of the salary costs for the creation of New Jobs (including payroll  of the members of COINSEP).

Potential beneficiaries

The potential beneficiaries of the Action are existing and newly established Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.) . In order to be eligible for aid, potential beneficiaries must:

  • to operate legally in the form of a Social Cooperative Integration Enterprise, as defined in paragraph 2a of article 2 of Law 4019/2011 within the Greek Territory  

  • to maintain the status of a member of the Social Economy Register throughout the implementation of the program.

Specifically, the grant is provided for the three types of COINSEP that will have - at the time of submitting the grant proposal - a final certificate of registration in the Register of Social Economy.


The indicative budget of the action amounts to 25,000,000 € (public expenditure). The total budget of the action amounts to € 31.2 million .


Date of issue of the invitation : April 2017


THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones at: 2112155988 or email  .

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