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Support for small and micro-enterprises affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the North Aegean

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Information sheet for submitting applications for financing investment projects in the Action

The new Action "Support for small and micro-enterprises affected by COVID-19 in  North Aegean »  has as its main the support of small and very small enterprises in the Northern Region  Aegean affected by the pandemic in the form of a non-refundable grant. The primary objective of the action is to provide targeted, public support to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity in the market to address the effects of COVID-19.

Submission Period:

Start of Submissions: 14  October 2020 13:00

Closing of Submissions: 14  January  2021  15:00

Eligible program KAD

Beneficiaries of the Action:

Beneficiaries are Small, Very Small enterprises of the North Region. Aegean that have started before

on 01.01.2019 and have submitted a timely income tax return.

Investment Plans & Support

Investment plans from 5,000 euros to 50,000 euros.

Its consumption is proved by the sum of the fields of the form E3 (102, 202, 181, 281, 481,185, 285, 485) of the year 2021, which should not be less than the paid working capital, as well as keeping a relevant file, the which the company must maintain for 10 years.

Basic Conditions for Participation

The basic conditions for the participation of the companies that submit a proposal are the following:
1. To be active in the North Aegean Region.
2. To have started before 1/1/2019.
3. To have as main code of activity or activity with the highest income one of the eligible KAD of Annex I and in which to be active uninterruptedly at least from 31/1/2020 and until the day of submission of the proposal.
4. To be a Very Small or Small Enterprise in accordance with the provisions of ANNEX VI: DEFINITION OF SME AND MODEL DECLARATION RELATING TO THE DETAILS CONCERNING THE PROPERTY OF SME OF AN ENTERPRISE (S) BUSINESS. Commission Regulation (EC) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014 on the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
5. In 2019, less than 50 employees were employed.

6. The sum of expenses arising from the following categories is equal to or greater than € 10,000​

7. To keep haplographic or diplographic books of law 4308/2014.
8. To operate exclusively with one of the following types of corporate / commercial enterprises:

  • SA,

  • Limited Liability Companies,

  • General Partnership,

  • Limited partnership,

  • Ι.Κ.Ε,

  • Sole Proprietorship,

  • Ν.Ε.Π.Α.,

  • Social Cooperative Enterprise of Law 4430/2016 as in force,

  • Partnership

  • Law Firm of article 49 et seq. Of Law 4194/2013.

9. There should be no grounds for exclusion of paragraph 1 of article 40 of law 4488/2017 (AD137).
10. Not to be problematic on December 31, 2019 or if they were problematic on 31/12/2019 to have taken the necessary steps so as not to be problematic when submitting the relevant funding application.
11. By way of derogation, aid may be granted to micro or small enterprises (within the meaning of Annex I to EU Regulation 651/2014) which were already in difficulty on 31 December 2019, provided that they are not subject to collective insolvency proceedings under national law. have not received rescue aid (or if they have received rescue aid to repay the loan or terminate the guarantee contract when granting aid under this call) or restructuring aid (or have received restructuring aid but are no longer subject to a plan restructuring in the granting of aid under this call).
12. If they are engaged in the processing and marketing of agricultural products, to commit themselves to not passing on the aid received in whole or in part to primary producers and to the obligation that such aid may not be determined on the basis of the price or quantity of the products purchased from primary producers or placed on the market by the undertakings concerned.
13. They should not have a warrant for the recovery of previous illegal and incompatible state aid based on an EU or WEU decision.
14. The total amount of public funding that the beneficiary company will receive (at the level of a “given company” as defined by Community law and case law) from this action, combined with any other aid it has received under no. 19.3.2020 / C (2020) 1863 Notice, which may have been granted in the form of direct grants, tax and payment benefits or other forms such as repayable advances, guarantees, loans and equity, provided that total nominal value to exceed the total ceiling of 800,000 euros. All figures used are gross, ie before taxes or other charges are deducted.



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