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Extroversion - Internationalization of SMEs


The action "Extroversion - Internationalization of SMEs" is a specialized action, with a horizontal approach to the goal (extroversion) but strongly oriented to the financial support of small and medium enterprises, both manufacturing and other sectors with priority to eight of the nine generals (except sectors of the country, which want to improve their extroversion and strengthen their competitive position in the global market.
The action will effectively contribute both to ensuring the viability of the business efforts that are developing in the context of the global economic downturn, and to the expansion of their business activity in the new or emerging markets.
At the same time, it highlights the concept of synergy and cooperation of business activities either nationally or internationally, while encouraging the implemented projects of companies in selected directions either at the level of similar companies or at the level of value chains.

Potential beneficiaries

Existing SMEs with at least two integrated management uses, cooperatives, cooperatives.


The indicative budget of the action amounts to € 50,000,000 (public expenditure) and will be allocated in cycles. The total budget of the supported investment projects is estimated at € 100,000,000.
The Eligible Budget for investment projects ranges from € 30,000 to € 250,000 . Budget limits will depend on the size of the business . An average budget of 80,000 € is expected for all companies
Aid rate: 50% (average)

Submission of first cycle proposals : Quarter 2017.

Duration of investment projects : 24 months.

THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones at: 2112155988 or email  .

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