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European Territorial Cooperation Programs




The European Territorial Cooperation Programs are developed in the context of the strengthening of spatial cooperation at European level, as a key choice of Integrated Spatial Development the European Territorial Cooperation (ECA) is implemented at Member State level with the participation of neighboring regions outside the EU. Greece focuses on investments that create the right conditions for future sustainable development.
Depending on the geographical location of the participating countries, the ECA Programs are formed as follows with the respective strategic areas of cooperation:

Transnational Programs:

• Adriatic - Ionian
- Maximizing the potential of the "blue economy"
- Interconnection of areas
- Protection and improvement of the quality of biodiversity
- Sustainable regional cultural and tourism development

- Tourism
- Shipping
- Mediterranean products (mainly food)
- Climate change

• Balkan Mediterranean (Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
- Entrepreneurship & Innovation
- Environment

Cross-border Programs:

• Mediterranean Basin - MED ENI CBC
-  Development of mobility in the Eastern Mediterranean
-  Tourism and culture
-  Water management
-  Fighting desertification

• Black Sea Basin ENI - CBC
- Mobility
- Business networking
-  Sustainable transport and energy (gas pipelines)

Bilateral Cross-Border Programs:

• Greece - Bulgaria
Competitive and innovative cross - border area
- Sustainable and climate adaptable cross-border area
-  Better interconnected cross-border area
-  Cross-border area without social exclusion

• Greece - Cyprus
Enhancing competitiveness and entrepreneurship in the cross-border area
- Efficient use of energy & Sustainable transport
- Preservation & Protection of the environment & Risk prevention

• Greece - Italy
- Innovation & Competitiveness
- Integrated Environmental Management
- Multimodal sustainable transport system

• Greece - Albania IPA II CBC
- Promoting the Environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure
- Strengthening the local economy

• Greece - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA II CBC
- Development and support of the local economy
- Environmental / transport protection

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