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Europe for the citizens 2018

Description Call for proposals "Europe for Citizens" program - action grants 2018

The "Europe for Citizens" program (hereinafter referred to as "the program"), approved for the period 2014-2020, is an important instrument aimed at encouraging the Union's 500 million inhabitants to play a greater role in the development of the Union.

By funding programs and activities in which citizens can participate, the program promotes the common history and values of Europe and creates a sense of shared responsibility for the way in which the Union is developing.


Participating countries

Applicants must be based in one of the participating countries. At least one EU Member State must be involved in the Memorandum and Twinning projects and at least two Member States must be involved in the Twinning Networks and Civil Society projects.



A budget of € 187,718,000 was allocated for the program   for the period 2014-2020.

The implementation of this call for proposals depends on the following conditions:

The availability of the appropriations provided for in the draft budget for 2018 after the approval of the budget for 2018 by the budgetary authority or, if the budget is not approved, as provided for in the provisional twelfths system.

The total budget for this call for proposals is estimated at EUR 16.3 million:

  •   European Memorial Event Plans EUR 3.7 million

  •   Twinning of cities EUR 4.6 million

  •   City networks EUR 4.5 million

  •   Civil society projects EUR 3.5 million



Indicatively, the regulation establishing the program stipulated that the total distribution between the various actions for the whole programming period 2014-2020 should be as follows:

Strand 1: European memory: about 20% of the budget

   - European memory event plans

Strand 2: Participation in democratic processes and in the commons:  about 60%  of the budget

  - Twinning of cities

  - City networks

  - Civil society plans

The two parts are complemented by a horizontal action which is not the subject of this guide:

  - Horizontal action - Utilization: about 60%  of the budget

The remaining appropriations are provided to cover the general, administrative and technical costs of the program.

The approved annual budget for each action will be published in the relevant call for proposals.

Applications must fully meet the eligibility criteria common to all components of the program, as set out below, as well as the specific criteria applicable to each measure, as set out in the program guide.

Applicants (the concept of applicants covers applicants and partners) must be either public bodies or non-profit organizations with legal personality.

The application deadlines are scheduled as follows:

Strand 2: Participation in democratic processes and in the commons:

Measure Twinning of cities

  • Deadline for applications: 3  September 2018,


Measure City networks

  •   Deadline for applications: 3  September 2018

Applications must be submitted before 12:00 (Central European Time) on the closing date for applications. If the deadline for submission coincides with a weekend, the deadline for the deadline should be the 1st working day after the weekend.

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