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Financial opportunities in Belgium

1) SME Development Grant (Strategic Advisory / Recruitment on Development Trajectories)


The SME Development Grant provides financial support for the acquisition of knowledge in order to achieve a growth trajectory through transformation, innovation and / or internationalization.

The acquisition of this knowledge can be done by hiring a strategic partner to strengthen the company in areas where the company does not have the knowledge to implement the growth trajectory.

SMEs can also choose the advice of a service provider to seek to acquire the missing skills. To be eligible for a grant, the advice provided by the service provider must refer to the current or future performance of one or more SME business processes.


The support rate is set at 50% of the cost of counseling and / or work . The grant has a maximum amount of € 25,000 per consulting procedure with one external service or recruitment per year.

The eligible costs are:

  • Invoices for services purchased from an external consulting service

  • the labor costs for the additional recruitment of the appropriate person for the implementation of the project and for the maintenance of knowledge in the company for the follow-up of further processes.

2) Innovation Scholarships

Companies in the Flemish Region can receive a grant of up to 60% (co-financing of staff and operating costs for 1 to 3 years) for basic research by a postdoctoral researcher (employedby the company or research institute) in close collaboration with the company.

An innovation mandate in Phase 2 can last from 1 to 3 years and provides for the financing of staff costs, operating costs, equipment costs and fixed costs in relation to an employee, the total cost (excluding staff) may reach € 40,000 for each human year.

The amounts of aid:

  • 50% of the budget for a large company

  • 60% of the budget for an SME .


The first call for proposals for 2017 opened with a submission deadline of Monday 27 March 2017 .

3) Buckland Orders

Companies can receive a grant from the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency as they consent to the conduct of a doctorate by a researcher (whether employed or not) in close collaboration with the company. The Buckland Orders provide co-financing of staff costs and operating costs for an employee.

Projects should have a dual purpose:

  • research that, if successful, has a clear financial focus and adds value to the company in question,

  • The research focuses on a doctorate and meets the standard criteria for doctoral research value.


A Buckland mandate usually lasts four years and offers funding for staff costs, operating costs, equipment costs and fixed costs in relation to an employee , thetotal cost (excluding staff)can reach€ 40,000for each man-year.

The amounts of aid:

  • 50% of the budget for a large company

  • 60% of the budget for an SME .

The first call for proposals for 2017 opened witha submission deadlineofMonday 27 March 2017.

4) SME innovation sustainability studies

SMEs with (future) activities in the Region of Flanders can receive a 50% subsidy (on eligible costs with a maximum support of € 25,000 or € 50,000) for the implementation of certain innovation feasibility studies.

Definition: a study in preparation for a further upcoming activity with a specific goal of innovation

Duration: up to 12 months

Budget: minimum € 10,000


Basic Support: 50% of the approved costs with a maximum grant of € 25,000

Extras: The basic amount of aid can be increased up to € 50,000 with relevant third party knowledge contributions (at least 25% of the budget for research, knowledge, independent companies, ....)

Quantity: up to two SME viability studies can be subsidized annually per enterprise.

5) SME innovation

SMEs with (future) activities in the Region of Flanders can receive a grant of 35% to 55% (on approved expenditure, with a maximum subsidy of € 250,000) for the implementation of certain SME innovation elements.

Definition: The project focuses on the specific implementation of an innovation

Duration: up to 24 months

Budget: minimum amount € 50,000


Basic Support: 35% (45% for a small business) of the approved costs, with a maximum subsidy of € 250,000 .

Extras: the base rate of financing can be increased by 10% through cooperation with other independent companies or through international cooperation (as long as no company has a share of more than 70% of the cost)

Quantity: up to two SME innovation projects can be subsidized per company per year.

6) Support for projects for innovations in the field of agriculture

This measure is aimed at recognized farmers who meet the following conditions:

  • the beneficiary is a farmer and the farm to be invested is located in the Flemish region,

  • the recipient keeps accounting books of the project,

  • the beneficiary is the legal administration for innovation,

  • the beneficiary makes a final report,

  • after notification of approval, start an investment


Eligible costs are:

  • Material and intangible investments of innovation,

  • Software and control programs required for these investments,

  • Project-related overheads, such as research, study and supervision costs and measurement of results (limited to 20% of the total project costs).


The aid will be provided in the form of a capital contribution plus 4 0% of the eligible investment costs .

The eligible costs have a maximum of € 500,000 or € 200,000 grant .

Eligible investment costs must be at least € 25,000 .


The deadline for submission of proposals is March 31, 2017 .

THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones at: 2112155988 or email  .

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