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Horizontal Projects - Med

What is a  Horizontal project?

Horizontal projects are the unifying element of a thematic community of  projects. They are in charge of community building activities, joint communication and joint capitalization of the relevant projects.   They shall  allow real synergies and provide a better visibility to reach policy making level.


Under the monitoring of the Program Authorities, Horizontal projects will have the task to promote the modular projects' communication and capitalization actions within a joint framework, in order to better highlight the interests of the program as well as of the transnational projects themselves.


Horizontal projects  will not  implement and achieve their own territorial objectives but will gather results in progress and facilitate transfer from modular projects to other communities (institutional, scientific and thematic European networks / stakeholders).


















They will:

  • Capture elements of the modular projects within each thematic Specific Objective and for the MED area as a whole; analyze them, summarize and ensure their transnational dissemination and transferability, in cooperation with the program Authorities.

  • Provide the framework to develop synergies, produce summaries and qualitative analysis as well as coordinate and manage (under supervision of the JS) communication of a community of projects.

  • Structure and disseminate a message for the entire MED community and work on thematic inter-axes links (1, 2 and 3) and with the Axis 4 “platform” project (governance).

  • Help and support the communication and capitalization of selected modular projects for each call and for each specific objective. Each modular project will be linked to a horizontal project and should contribute to its communication and capitalization activities.


The pre-application  phase for Horizontal projects will be opened from 10th November  2015 to  11th January 2016.


An information seminar took  place in Marseille on 22nd September.


The Program's expections  for these projects were explained and details on the Terms of Reference and the application procedure given

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