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The digital company and simplification of procedures. Greece is a pioneer of developments


I try to remember how many years I read and listen to the same topics in the news.  The Greek State has always been the sure thing for the comedians of our country, with the citizens in endless queues, with lost time and suffering without any reciprocal benefit.  

And the more technology was not integrated into public administration, the more nepotism and lack of human resources management created problems, the more hostile citizens and businesses became and lost their trust in it.  


It is clear that steps have been taken in recent years, but they are not enough.  


But we need even more simplified procedures that everyone can follow and scientists can support those who can not or do not want to deal with even the simplest.  


We need to make up for lost time in arguing over the obvious.


Citizens have lost their patience, while the thinking of many has become radicalized, sometimes to a degree of reaction. This is evidenced by the fact that now politicians around the world choose populism to elicit positive results for them.


In this context, a number of proposals that I would like to list are the package of measures that can provide the solution. 

On top of all that, the digital company. But what is she?


The digital company is a company that does not need a real headquarters, because it exists only in the internet environment.  


It is therefore not the obligation of the owner to enter into a physical lease when starting a business, but to pay a small fee for the maintenance of this portion, with the owner of the server, whether he is public or private. The basis of this reform can be GE.MI and TAXISNET.

The profit that comes from reducing the cost of rent, electricity, utilities, cleaning, heating and water, municipal fees is extremely important for the owners of this type of company. A rough estimate could show an amount of 300 to 800 euros per month, ie 3600 to 9600 euros per year.


But do not dwell only on one or two companies, but think about how much money larger companies pay just for building infrastructure, maintenance and operation.  


Prerequisite for the operation of this company, the electronicization of transactions, but the keeping of its accounting statements, so that it can be easily controlled using technology every activity and to reduce both the administrative costs for the State, as well as to remove the any reservations on the part of the State on issues of possible tax evasion or avoidance.  


This reform is fully in line with the regulatory guidelines of all the world organizations that refer to economics, such as the OECD, will make our country a pioneer in something that will happen in the coming years, as technology evolves, while giving time to make the remaining reforms to transition to the digital age.  


Also, since the bureaucracy in this company is extremely reduced, the tax rate can be reduced, since the State is less busy for its transactions, so this will remove the wave of companies leaving the country, but it can also be reversed. , so that our country becomes the homeland of many digital companies, where their inhabitants will be able to live even abroad.


It is worth noting that this format is ideal for service companies mainly, but also in the face of developments given the upcoming use of augmented reality technologies. 

Other reforms include the introduction of a standard, fully electronic statute to speed up the start-up process.


The use of the systems by the citizens, in order to reduce the volume of transactions to GE.MI.  


The codification of the legislation, as well as the elimination of the participation of many bodies in the licensing of a company, as it creates uncertainty for the citizens, but also a possible possibility of bad practices on the part of the bodies.  


It is inconceivable that people in our time are afraid. The application of science will provide the solution.  


And the time we do not have enough, will be created only if we adopt innovative proposals, such as that of the digital company.

Tzouros Ypsilantis

Business Consultant - CEO @Ependysis Business Consultants


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