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The contribution of women to development - Today at the War Museum


An event with the theme "Growth for all: Women in the business and professional arena" , is organized today Monday at  5:30'  μμ στο  War Museum  , (Rizari 2 -  Athens), the  Institute of Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis  and the  Panhellenic Women's Organization  "Panathinaiki".

Greetings will be addressed by  Rodi Kratsa, President of the Institute of Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis - former Vice-President of the European Parliament and the  Maria Gianniri, president of the Panhellenic Women's Organization "Panathinaiki".

Presentations will be made by:

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Niki Koutsiana, pharmacist - President of Apivita on "Women Entrepreneurship: A Case for All of Us".
Danae Bezandakou, CEO of Navigator Shipping Consultans Ltd - president of iforU, on "Creation as a result of teamwork".
Dimitris Iakovidis, Deputy Head of EYSSA, Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, on "NSRF 2014-2020 and entrepreneurship".
Barbara Avdi, President of the Organization of European Historic Hotels, on "Prospects for the development of women entrepreneurship in Europe through tourism".
Eleana Giampana, Human Resources Consultant Deloitte Greece, on: "Women in the modern business environment" (Research presentation).
Ypsilantis Tzouros, business consultant, on "Financial opportunities, presentation of good practices".

Interventions with personal business experiences and discussion with the public will follow.


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