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E-business in the Region of Epirus

Informative program Electronic business in the Region of Epirus  - NSRF  2014-2020 

The program strengthens existing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the Epirus Region to implement investments that will integrate information and communication technologies in their operation in order to develop e-business.  such as e-commerce, electronic bookings and payments etc.

They are strengthened  small and medium-sized enterprises active in the sectors:

  • Processing of primary sector products

  Industry of experience, tourism, culture - Creative industry

  • Health and wellness.

The proposals that will be submitted concern the following actions (E):

  • E (1): E-commerce

  • E (2): Online bookings

  • E (3): Internal organization with the use of ICT

  • E (4): Production management using ICT

  • E (5): Digital projection - Advertising



Each beneficiary must implement E (5) and at least one of the eligible actions E (1) or E (2).  

Businesses will be strengthened  for a period of three (3) months with the subsidized budget of each investment proposal ranging from € 6,000 to € 12,500 while the aid percentage can reach 80%.

Expenditure will only be eligible if incurred after the date of submission of the proposal.

Target Audience

Existing Very Small, Small and Medium-sized enterprises active in the primary product manufacturing, experience industry, tourism and  culture - Creative industry, health and wellness).

What is funded

The eligible costs relate to investment costs in intangible and tangible assets, which are incurred after the submission of the aid application and are analyzed in 3 main categories with relevant subcategories: 

  1. Machinery and other equipment

  2. Software and software services

  3. View, promote,  networking


The total budget of the Action amounts to 2,500,000 €.

Submission period:

  • The start date of the electronic application period is set on 24/04/2018  & time 12:00.

  • The end date of the electronic application period is set at 29/06/2018 & time 15:00.

  Ependysis Business Consultants ,  with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.

For more information call the company phones at  211 2155988  or contact via  e-mail  in the  

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