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3rd Announcement of the European Program  INTERREG EUROPE Interregional Cooperation 2014-2020

The European Commission has recently published the third call for proposals for the European interregional cooperation program INTERREG EUROPE.

The aim of an interregional co-operation project is to improve the performance of the regional policy tools of the participating regions, in particular the Investment for Development and Employment Objective and the territorial co-operation programs.

Potential Beneficiaries are  organizations based in the 28 EU Member States, Norway or Switzerland, provided that:

• State, regional or local government agencies

• Other public law institutes (eg universities, regional development companies, business support bodies, etc.). Each country identifies the institutes that are eligible under national law.

The priority axes on which the program will be based are related to regional development and are the following:

1. Research, technological development and innovation (TS 1 of the EU OP)

2. Competitiveness of SMEs (TS 3 of the EU OP)

3. Economics of low carbon emissions (EU 4 OPs)

4. Environment and resource efficiency (TS 6 of the EU OP)

Funded Action Categories:

  1. Collaboration Programs
    Each partner, especially at regional level involved in the cooperation program, will develop an Action Plan. This will determine what should be implemented in the specific region, to ensure that the lessons and experiences from the cooperation of the partners will be put into practice. The programs are also called upon to monitor the implementation of the produced Action Plans, in order to see how well the transnational cooperation has worked.

  2. Policy Learning Platforms
    A Continuing Learning Area where any organization involved in regional development policies in Europe can find solutions to improve the management and implementation of public policies related to the four issues mentioned above

The budget of this call amounts to a total of 145 million euros with co-financing ranging from 75% (for private or non-profit organizations) to 85% (for public bodies).

The call concerns interregional cooperation projects, lasting from 3 to 5 years . A prerequisite is the participation of partners from at least three (3) different countries .

The deadline for submitting applications is June 30, 2017 .

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