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Statutory framework for the establishment of Private Investments Aid Schemes for the regional and economic development of the country.

Investment Incentives Law (L4399 / 2016)

No documentation is required  to finance the private participation  investment project  when submitting a proposal.

The Legal Representative of the organization may submit a letter of intent to obtain a loan, so there is no obligation to prove the entity's private participation, nor the obligation to pre-authorize a loan by a bank when submitting the proposal.

Type of aid:

  • Subsidy

  • Leasing Subsidy

  • Tax exemption

  • Wage subsidy (for jobs created)

  • Fixed corporate income tax rate

  • Financing instruments (capital participation, loan)

All the above forms of aid are provided individually or in combination depending on  the law's  aid schemes.

Eligible entities:

Beneficiaries of the aid are companies that are established or maintain a branch in Greece at the commencement date of the investment plan and fall under one of the following corporate types:  

  • Personal company

  • Commercial companies

  • Social Cooperative Companies (SoCC)

  • Agricultural Cooperatives (AC),

   (Producer groups (PG) and Agricultural Corporate Partnerships (ACP))

  • Companies in establishment or merger procedures,

   provided that they have completed their publicity

   procedures before the commencement date of the

   investment plan,

  • Companies that operate as joint ventures , provided that

   they are registered in the General Electronic Commercial

   Registry (GEMI)

  • Public and municipal companies, and their subsidiaries

   (in accordance with the limitations of Article 6)

Minimum investment amount for the project:

The minimum investment amount is determined by the size of the entity:

  1. for large enterprises, in the amount of  € 500,000,

  2.   for medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives and for clusters and clusters, in the amount of  € 250,000,

  3. for small businesses, in the amount of  € 150,000,

  4.   for micro-enterprises,  € 100,000,

  5. for Social Cooperative Societies, Agricultural Cooperatives, Producer Groups, Rural Partnership, in the amount of 50.000 €.


Submission Period:

The submission deadlines for the first four investment schemes notified are:

General Entrepreneurship: until  May 22, 2018
New Independent Media: From 04 April 2018 to 30 June 2018
Mechanical Equipment Aid: From 04 April 2018 to 15 December 2018 , unless the budget of this scheme is exhausted earlier.

Ependysis Business Consultants can prepare you in the submission of the investment file, as well as to help you arrange the partners of the project. 

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