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Aquaculture Innovation

The Secretary General of Agricultural Policy and Community Resources Management of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food announced a call for proposals in the Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime  "Innovation in Aquaculture".

In order to stimulate innovation in the aquaculture sector, the EMFF can support actions aimed at:

(a) the development of technical, scientific or organizational knowledge on aquaculture holdings, which, in particular, will reduce the impact on the environment, reduce dependence on fishmeal and fish oils, enhance a sustainable use of resources in aquaculture, and improve good aquaculture; facilitate new sustainable innovative production methods;

(b) the development or introduction into the market of new aquaculture species with good market prospects, new or significantly improved products, or improved processes, new or improved management and organization systems;

(c) exploring the technical or economic feasibility of innovations, products or processes.

Potential Beneficiaries

  • Research organizations (Universities, ATEIs, Research Centers, Institutes, Technological bodies) according to the definitions of Law 4310/2014 and Law 4386/2016 as in force.

  • Aquaculture companies

  • The following entities:

a) Public Services, belonging to the Central Administration within the meaning of par. 1f of article 14 of Law 4270/2014 (A '143),

b) Legal Entities under Public Law,

c) Legal Entities under Private Law, established by Law or PD and subsidized by the State, and

d) Public Benefit Institutions governed by Law 4182/2013.


Acts can be implemented in two ways:

a) From one (1) or more Aquaculture companies in collaboration with one or more Research Organizations which will have the role of external partner of the companies (subcontractors). In case we have more than one Aquaculture company, they will participate in the Act in the form of a Partnership in which it should be stated who is the Coordinator and who are the partners.

b) From one (1) or more Aquaculture companies in Partnership with one (1) or more Research Organizations. In this case, one of the bodies of the partnership is defined as the Coordinating Body which will be called "Beneficiary" of the Deed while the other bodies will be called "partners" of the Deed.

Eligible Costs

  • Staff costs.

  • Costs for instruments, equipment and modernization of facilities.

  • Expenditure on external providers (consulting services, contract research, etc.).

  • Additional overhead.

This category of expenses may, as an indication, concern:

- Travel expenses.

- Laboratory consumables.

  • Dissemination costs of results.

This category of expenses may, as an indication, concern: 

- Expenditure on participation in exhibitions. Eligible costs are the cost of renting and setting up the kiosks, the cost

registration in the exhibition catalogs and the cost of transport and insurance of exhibits,

- Expenditure on the organization of workshops / conferences / seminars related to the dissemination of project results.

Creation and production of forms / brochures related to the dissemination of project results.

- Networking costs with other bodies at national and international level

Aid rates


  • The deadline for the eligibility of the costs of the proposed operations is 31 December 2023.

  • The duration of implementation of the submitted project proposals should not exceed forty two (42) months , with the possibility of extension of 6 months or as otherwise deemed by the D.A.

  • The maximum total budget of the submitted Acts is set at the amount of 600,000 euros. In case the submitted investment plan has a budget higher than the ceiling defined above, the amount in addition to the Public Funding to cover the subsidized budget will be considered a private contribution for the implementation of the plan.

The "Remote Greek Islands" include: 

  • the islands of the North Aegean Region,

  • the islands of the South Aegean Region,

  • Samothrace (Prefecture of Evros),

  • Thassos (Kavala Prefecture),

  • the Northern Sporades (Prefecture of Magnesia),

  • Skyros and Skyropoula (Prefecture of Evia),

  • Kythira and Antikythira (Piraeus and Islands),

  • Gavdos, Gavdopoula, Paximadia, Chrysi, Koufonisi, Paximada, Dragonada, Dionysades, Zeus, Elassa (Region of Crete), 

  • the Ottoians, Ereikousa, Marthakion, Paxos, Antipaxos (Corfu Prefecture),

  • Strofades (Zakynthos Prefecture),

  • Sapienza, Schiza (Messinia Prefecture),

  • the Echinades (Prefecture of Kefallinia & Ithaca)

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