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1st Call for Expressions of Interest for Investments  Public Schemes.

Measure 19.2 CLLD / LEADER RDP 2014-2020

More specifically, the actions and sub-actions that can be implemented, through the local strategies, regarding public interventions in the  within the Local Program CLLD / LEADER RDP 2014-2020, are the following:

Action 19.2.4 Basic services & regeneration of villages in rural areas, which includes the following actions: Support for small-scale infrastructure (indicative: water supply, sewerage, road construction within the settlement), including energy savings in used public buildings. Support for the creation, improvement or expansion of local basic services for the rural population, as well as the relevant infrastructure (indicative: kindergartens, rural clinics). Support for investments for public use in services and leisure infrastructure, regeneration of areas within settlements, tourist information and small-scale tourist infrastructure (indicative: markings, public common areas, promotion of areas, cycling routes). Support for cultural events. Support for studies, services and investments related to culture, with the preservation, restoration and upgrading of the cultural and natural heritage of villages, rural landscapes and places of high natural value, including the relevant socio-economic aspects , as well as environmental awareness actions (including cultural / conference centers, museums, cultural features of the countryside - mills, bridges).


Action 19.2.5 Interventions to improve infrastructure in the primary sector, which includes the following actions: Improving access to agricultural land and livestock farms.


Action 19.2.6 Development and improvement of forest sustainability, which includes the following actions: Prevention of forests and forest areas from fires and other natural disasters and catastrophic events. Restoration of forests and forest areas from fires and other natural disasters and catastrophic events.

Program Beneficiaries:

Beneficiaries are A and B grade local authorities and their bodies, Public Sector Bodies, private bodies with statutory purpose for the implementation of respective projects, as well as natural or legal persons, according to the eligibility determined in each local program of the Local Action Group (LAG) . The LAG itself may also be a beneficiary within the meaning of Article 2 (10) of Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 if it concerns a project with a collective or territorial dimension or creates a framework (studies, infrastructure, training, etc.) that required to implement the strategy.

In the context of the relevant calls, based on the relevant institutional framework of implementation, LAGs may further specify the beneficiaries, in terms of actions or sub-actions, in implementation of their approved local strategy.

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