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Investment Management


Businesses and especially small and medium-sized enterprises are the main foundation of the economic and social life of Greece and the release of the huge potential they have, leads to improved competitiveness, stimulated employment, economic growth and social cohesion.


Investment is a tool for business development, and there are a variety of tools for financing it.


The Ependysis  with many years of experience and appropriately qualified staff can effectively support companies in utilizing these tools in accordance with the object of investment, providing a comprehensive range of services, which are developed from the early stage of information and investment projects to development projects, and the final completion of the investment, accompanied by the payment of grants.


In this context, among the services provided by our company, the following are included:


  • Feasibility and Sustainability Studies

  • Evaluation of Investment Plans

  • Utilization of optimal sources of financing

  • Investment Project Management

  • Feasibility studies for inclusion in the current investment law

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