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Market Research

An integral part of strategic and operational planning is the deep knowledge of the market in which the firm operates. The study and monitoring of the market is achieved through techniques and methods which relate both to the analysis of secondary data (studies, publications, etc.) and primary data to examine the implementation of qualitative and quantitative market research. 

Aim of the research is to provide the Administration of the Organization objective information and make it possible to capture the market trends, customer needs, the comparative advantages of competitors and ultimately to provide a reliable tool for assessing the external business environment. 

In this context we provide integrated planning and implementation services of quantitative and qualitative research; which include but not limited to:

  • Design of sampling and determination of sample

  • Design a Questionnaire for quantitative research or guide discussion for qualitative research

  • Design and implement the most appropriate method for collecting and processing data

  • Organizing the research field and education of the researchers

  • Processing and statistical analysis of data

  • Preparation of reports / presentations of results

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