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Measure 3.4.4 - "Processing of fishery and aquaculture products" -  ΕΠΑΛΘ 2014-2020

Informative program for the processing of fishery and aquaculture products

Short informative program for the processing of fishery and aquaculture products

The scope of this Decision includes Operations included in Measure 3.4.4 "Processing of fishery and aquaculture products", for productive investments in this sector, and relate to the following Types of Operations:

-Energy saving or reducing the impact on the environment.

-Improvement of safety, hygiene, health and working conditions.

- Processing of catches not intended for human consumption.

-Processing of by-products.

-Processing of organic aquaculture products.

-New or improved products, processes or management systems.


It is pointed out that the final product must be subject to Annex I of the S.L.E.E.



The objectives of the above Acts will be achieved through actions such as:

  • Establishment of new processing units

  • Expansion of existing processing units.

  • Upgrading or relocating existing processing plants.



In particular, the processing procedures of the above actions concern the preparation and presentation of the presented products, which includes:

-cutting into fillets,

-the packaging,


-the freezer,




-conservation in vinegar,

-drying, or

-preparing the fish for purchase in any other way

Beneficiaries of the action:

Natural or Legal persons or associations thereof, collective bodies and other Organizations that have existing SMEs.


The aid is provided to Beneficiaries:

(i) whose solvency and financial viability can be demonstrated;

(ii) proving their own participation,

(iii) who have not applied for membership of National or Community Program funding for all or part of the proposed operation;

(iv) whose enterprises have (privately owned or leased) processing facilities. Aid is not provided to companies operating by facilities whose licenses have been issued in the name of another company, which is also responsible for complying with their terms.

(v) who comply with the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 item a to c of article 10 of Reg. 508/2014 and are accompanied by the signed statement of the applicant entrepreneur, in accordance with paragraph 5 of the same article.

Eligible areas of activity:

Measures 3.4.4 of the EPALTH 2014-2020 concern investments in the fishery and aquaculture products processing sector, which, according to Article 4 of Regulation (EC) 1224/2009, is defined as “the process on the basis of which the presented products.

This includes filleting, packaging, canning, freezing, smoking, salting, cooking, preserving in vinegar, drying or preparing fish for the market or in any other way "and which is defined as the branch of the economy that includes all the processing activities of fishery and aquaculture products.

Budget of proposals :

The budget of the submitted investment proposals must be over € 20,000 and up to € 8,000,000.

Subsidy rates range from 50% to 100% under certain conditions.

The total budget of the Action amounts to 50,000,000 €.

Submission period:

  • The start date of the online application period is set to  23/10/2017 & time 12:00.

  • The end date of the online application period is set at  18/01/2018 & time 14:00.

Points of Attention:


The starting date of the eligibility of the expenditures of Measure 3.4.4 is set at 23/10/2015 (date of approval of EPALTH 2014-2020).

In any case, in order to be considered eligible for funding, these costs must be reflected (if provided for in national law) in the necessary project permits at the time of acquisition of the goods and until the end of long-term obligations.

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