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Migrants Entrepreneurship Support Scheme

The general objective of this initiative is to support the creation, the improvement and the wider dissemination of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs in order to help migrants to become self-employed and build a successful enterprise (profit-generating and / or with social objectives) .

The objective of the call is to support the networking of organizations working in the field of migrant entrepreneurship while facilitating mutual learning, the exchange of experiences and good practice, the exploitation of synergies and the emergence of strategic collaborations.


The focus of this initiative is on sharing approaches and lessons learnt across and between public administrations, business support organizations, non-profit organizations and NGOs, educational institutions and any other organizations that are active in this field, across cities, regions and countries.


The specific objectives are to bring together relevant players at national and regional levels into trans-national networks, to work together based on the existing evidence of what is effective and to achieve better impact. The emphasis will be on exchanging experience and peer-learning between participating organizations, and on furthering information and research on what is effective to a wider circle of stakeholders and organizations.


Themes and priorities


Support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs can take many forms. Elements to be considered include those highlighted in the Commission's study on Good Practices in Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship, and in the related benchmarking tool. A short description of some of the most important dimensions of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs is given below:

-Outreach to migrant communities and awareness-raising actions.


-Business training


-Provision of legal and regulatory advice


-Provision of individual business support




-Provision of working spaces and related services


-Access to finance


-Access to networks



Activities supported by this call will aim at:

-the creation of cross-regional and cross-country networks of migrant entrepreneurship support providers;

-the organization of face-to-face and on-line meetings, seminars and workshops bringing together representatives of migrant entrepreneurship support organizations from different regions and countries;

-the collection and exchange of data on the results and impacts of existing schemes to support migrant entrepreneurs;

-the evaluation of services to migrants provided by participating organizations;

-the improvement and further development of support for migrant entrepreneurs provided so far, including its extension to additional dimensions of support;

-the transfer or extension to another region / country of existing schemes;

-the establishment of joint projects between participating organizations;

-the dissemination of information, guidance and advice to a wider audience of interested public administrations and migrant support organizations.



Budget available and funding of projects

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at EUR 1,500,000.

This amount could be increased if additional budgetary appropriations are made available.

The grant is limited to a maximum reimbursement rate of 90% of eligible costs.

The maximum grant per project will be 375 000 EUR.



Ependysis Business Consultants can prepare you in the submission of the investment file, as well as to help you arrange the partners of the project.

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