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Quality Modernization

Quality Modernization Program Information

New  "Quality Modernization" action aims to improve the competitiveness of medium-sized enterprises, investing in their productive modernization and the adoption of standardization & certification systems.

Start Date of Electronic Submission:  06/27/2018 at 12:00 p.m.

  • The invitation will remain  open  for applications  until the available budget is exhausted  and no later than 18 months after its initial publication.

  • Funding applications will be evaluated in order of priority, according to the date of electronic submission of the investment plan.

Beneficiaries of the Action:

Existing Medium Enterprises which before the date of electronic submission of the financing application:

  • they have closed  at least 3 management uses  twelve months

  • have one  at least eligible KAD  of Annex IV.


Investment Plans & Subsidy

Investment Plans  50,000 euros  to  400,000 euros.

The  50%  of eligible costs.


Eligible Areas of Activity by priority:

  • Agri-food / Food Industry

  • Energy

  • Supply chain

  • Cultural and Creative Industries (CDPs)

  • Environment

  • Tourism

  • ICT Information and Communication Technologies

  • Health

  • Materials - Constructions.


Basic Conditions for Participation

  Businesses should:

  • Have the status of a medium-sized enterprise, in accordance with Commission Recommendation 2003/361 / EC (Annex VII "Definition of a Troubled Enterprise")

  • To operate legally with all the necessary operating licenses

  • To operate as SA, Ltd., OE, EE, PC, N.E.P.A., Individual Enterprise, Social Cooperative Enterprise of Law 4430 / 2016, Cooperative and to observe or commit that they will observe if haplographic or diplographic books of law 4308/2014 are approved

  • Submit to investment projects expenditure that has not been financed and has not been included in another program financed by national or Community funds

  • To make an investment proposal per TIN, exclusively in only one Region.

  Subsidized Expenses

  • Machinery - Equipment, up to 100% of the investment plan

  • Certification Systems - Quality Management, Design, Standardization and Certification of Products up to 100% of the investment plan

  • Means of transport

  • Preparation and monitoring of the investment plan

  • Wage costs of employees (new staff).


Expenditure is eligible from the date of publication of the invitation .


The implementation period of the investment may not exceed (24) months from the date of issuance of the Integration Decision.

THE  Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones: 2112155988 or  .

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