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3rd Call for Stategic Project Proposals of the "Greece-Republic of North Macedonia 14-20" Programme

The present Call for Proposals is open to Programme’s Priority Axis 2: Protection of Environment - Transportation and specifically to

  • 2.1 Upgrade public infrastructure to improve road travel time, safe border crossing and promote energy efficiency towards green transport.

The work carried out during the preparatory phase under the institutional top-down approach led to the identification of the foll

owing strategic theme: 'Prespa Lake Area border guard station: Preparatory activities for the establishment of the border crossing point between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia at the Prespa Lake Area'.


  • Region of Western Macedonia - Greece

  • Ministry of Interior (section of Macedonia-Thrace) - Greece

  • ANKO Western Macedonia S.A. Organization of Local Development - Greece

  • Ministry of Interior - Republic of North Macedonia

In any case the Project selected and implemented shall involve beneficiaries from both participating countries. The partnership scheme must consist of:

  • at least one beneficiary from Greece, located/established inside the eligible Programme area, 

  • at least one beneficiary from the Republic of North Macedonia, located/established inside the eligible Programme area, 

  • not to exceed a maximum of six partners, including the Lead Partner.

All beneficiaries in general must be located or have a subsidiary within either one of the participating countries. Beneficiaries located outside the eligible area within the two countries are eligible under the condition that they have the jurisdiction to act within the eligible area and their activities are in benefit of the eligible area. The following types of beneficiaries are eligible under the Programme:

  • Public bodies (national, regional or local public authorities),

  • Bodies governed by public law1 that have all of the following characteristics:

    • they are established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, not having an industrial or commercial character;

    • they have legal personality;

    • they are financed, for the most part, by the State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law; or are subject to management supervision by those authorities or bodies; or have an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, more than half of whose members are appointed by the State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law;

  • Non-profit Bodies governed by private law that fulfill all the following criteria:

    • they do not have a commercial or industrial character or activities,

    • they are not allowed by their constitutional framework to distribute profits to the stakeholders,

    • they are operational for at least one year before the launch of the specific Call for proposals.

Application period: from 10/1/2022 to 4/2/2022

The Project Proposal must be submitted electronically on the Management & Information System of the Programme.

All documents must be submitted in English with an exception of the documents that correspond to supporting documents on eligibility and documents related to the maturity of the infrastructure activities, which may be submitted in the official languages of the two participating countries. All documents must be submitted officially signed and stamped, in a scanned version. Please note that all documents should be valid at the date of submission of the project proposal.

Area of implementation Prefecture of Kilkis Prefecture of Pella Prefecture of Serres Prefecture of Thessalonica Prefecture of Florina

Republic of North Macedonia:

Region of Pelagonia

Region of Vardar

Region of Southeast

Region of Southwest

Budget € 690,000

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