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Promoting research and innovation, and / or the use of research and technology results, in the productive and commercial activity of existing and new SMEs, especially in the agri-food sector and tourism

Program :

Business Program of the North Aegean Region 2014-2020


Priority Axis:

1 - Immediate halting of the contraction of productive / business activity, strengthening the attractiveness, competitiveness and extroversion of the islands of the Region, especially small and medium enterprises and increasing the regional added value, at the forefront of innovation


Thematic Objective:

The action concerns the creation of product research centers in the North Aegean Region, with the aim of conducting industrial research in production sectors and products that have emerged as priority sectors / products from the business discovery process within the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) of the Region.

The action contributes to the goal of the Operational Program for:

(a) integration into innovation enterprises according to productive / business needs; and

b) the elaboration of research programs, with the aim of integrating their innovative results in companies.


Investment Priority:

1b - Promoting business investment in R&D, developing links and synergies between companies, research and development centers and the higher education sector



€ 1,250,000.00


Investment costs in tangible and intangible assets are eligible, as well as costs related to the wage costs of employees (new staff of the company).



The deadline for completion of the financed investments may not exceed eighteen (18) months from the date of issuance of the relevant decision for inclusion of funding applications in the North Aegean Operational Program (financing decision for each funding application).

In any case it may not exceed the expiry date of this aid measure. The expiration date of this action is set at 31/12/2020.




1. The grant percentages of the funding applications and the same contribution of the potential beneficiary of the aid for all the eligible activities of the Call, excluding staff costs, are presented in the following table:


2. To cover staff costs the grant rate may amount to 70% of the cost of the respective activities.


Submission Period :

Starting : 06/03/2017
Expires: 05/05/2017


Beneficiaries :
Established companies with KAD 72.

THE Ependysis Business Consultants , with executives who have previously evaluated and not only submitted NSRF investment proposals, can successfully undertake the submission as well as the monitoring of your investment plan.


For more information call the company phones at: 2112155988 or email .

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