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Government Grant Scheme for the Introduction of Environmental Management System – EMAS (Regulation EC / 1221/2009) to companies and organizations

Invitation Description:


The Plan aims to increase the environmental efficiency of organizations with the establishment of the Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the European System of Ecological Management and Control EMAS, (Regulation EC / 1221/2009) and the Voluntary Participation Organizations in the Community System of Ecological Management and Ecological Control Law of 2012 (No. 10 (I) / 2012). The Plan concerns the provision of sponsorships to existing companies of all financial sectors that intend to install SPD. according to EMAS, which aims to address the impact of business on the environment, reduce the use of natural resources and continuously improve their environmental performance.


According to the Plan, the expenses for the consulting services for the establishment of the system are financed, as well as the verification of the system and the validation of the environmental declaration. An organization / company is entitled to apply for sponsorship after the installation and verification of the system by a third independent researcher and its registration in the EMAS register by the Department of Environment or to undertake the preparation with its own staff and follow the next steps (ie verification by a third independent researcher and entered in the EMAS Register).


The deadline for submission of applications, both for registration in the EMAS Register and for the provision of state sponsorship, is set for the 10th  November 2017.


Grant / Co-financing Rate:


70% of the costs for the provision of services for the installation of the environmental management system, with a maximum amount of € 2,000 , and for the verification of the system and validation of the Environmental Declaration, with a maximum amount of € 500 .


The same percentage is used to finance the Transfer Expenses from ISO 14001 to EMAS with a maximum amount of € 500 .




  • Private Bodies 

  • Nonprofit organizations 

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 

  • Local Government Principles 

  • Non-Governmental Organizations 

  • Government Agencies and Government Enterprises 

  • Big companies  

Start of Submission of Proposals: 0 7/07/2017


Deadline for Submission of Proposals: 10/11/2017

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