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Cheese factory







In times of crisis, one industry that still endures is dairy products.  Their sales are increasing, while the market can be opened at an export level.


An ideal condition for profit maximization is the verticalization of livestock farms  of cow breeders or  sheep and goats. Also, the creation of cooperative companies, with the producers or the contract production is also a sufficient condition for the success of the business.  


THE  Ependysis Business Consultants  shows the steps to follow for products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, sour milk, ice cream and sweets.


A small cheese production unit, without automation, with low productivity machines, which will work with external industrial refrigerators for the maturation of cheeses,  he needs:















The cost of the above machinery - equipment will not exceed 60,000 euros and does not include construction work and services. Obviously, you need the corresponding advertising, the creation of a company name (brandname) and participation in exhibitions.



Possibility of subsidies to manufacturing companies  


For those who want to start a cheese business,  should know that they are usually subsidized by the Ministry of Rural Development and the Investment Law  in percentages  65%, depending on their area of activity and their size.


Some of the eligible costs usually  is:  


1. Erection  building facilities. 

2. Expenses  landscaping. 

3. Renovation,  shaping, modernization of buildings and facilities (plumbing, electrical work, painting, tiling, plasterboard, etc.). 

4. Purchase  mechanical equipment (production machinery, packaging, etc.). 

5. Purchase  equipment (shelves, clerks, furniture, photocopiers, telephone exchanges, etc.). 

6. Purchase  electronic - computer equipment (PCs, printers, software, etc.). 

7. Expenses  related to the creation of points of sale of the produced products for the processing enterprises. 

8. Application  quality assurance systems of goods or services (ISO - HACCP etc.).




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