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Ypsilantis Tzourou Article: How will we claim new jobs for Greece?


Our ancestors grew up because they traveled, because they created. They were confident and outgoing.

First we must stop believing that the world owes us something and believe in ourselves.

Certainly Western Civilization is based on antiquity. But it is not very honorable to say that I rely on my ancestors to survive. If you really want to honor them, you have to become one.

Our ancestors grew up because they traveled, because they created. They were confident and outgoing.

So instead of being introverted we should become extroverted.

Civil servants must do their job through electronic applications, citizens must have contact only through e-government  and thus save time and money to all.

Then our taxes must create entrepreneurship. In other words, investments must be made.

The State, in fact, must  to create, at minimal cost, structures for the development of entrepreneurship.

Let's look at OAED. What does this organization do? It records unemployment and gives benefits, but also provides counseling to the unemployed.

It could be OAED's services in the KEP and the buildings could all become business incubators.

To create the organization that fights unemployment, conditions for the development of entrepreneurship.

Without businesses, how will jobs be created? And in fact well-paid new jobs.

This extroverted logic can exist in every organization in Greece, not only OAED, from Chambers, Municipalities, Regions. But surely a coordinator or some kind of coordination is required to achieve, that is, to enter into the rationale, the description of their tasks or to be activated at least.

Why do all this? But to stop recycling our misery and take advantage of the opportunities that exist for us.

Who are they; See a simple example.

Investments by fund management companies in 2017 exceeded $ 140 billion, setting a new decade record.

The global start-up ecosystem generated a total value of over $ 2.3 trillion in the years 2015-2017, an increase of 25.6% from the previous period 2014-2016, according to the latest report of the global Startup Genome network.

Shouldn't we do something to claim these investments?

We have sun almost 300 days a year. Most young people in Greece speak at least English and have a basic degree. Of course there is no connection between the market and studies. But that changes easily.

This is where Haiti is trying to do it  the poorest country in America  with more than 6 million inhabitants  of the 10.4 million of the total population below the poverty line. 

Opera Snapshot_2020-07-15_105337_newpost

A country that is extremely vulnerable even to natural hazards such as hurricanes is trying to improve its competitiveness.  

What is Haiti doing about it? How does he try to break the vicious circle of poverty? With business incubators, such as Alpha Haiti.

That is, centers where residents learn how to do small businesses, in order to improve their standard of living and their income.

This is how poverty really stops in a sustainable way.

By teaching people to fish, instead of giving them fish.

The same is happening in India on an even larger scale, such as Rajasthan's TechnoHub, but also in every country in the world that wants to change its future for the better. 

Opera Snapshot_2020-07-15_110613_newpost

Last year alone, 1,200 tech startups started there, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.


See how much money was invested in these startups according to statistics from the Philomatheia Development Network.  

This effort to claim our place in the world is missing and must begin immediately.

So we will see many and well paid  sustainable new jobs in Greece.

* Ypsilantis Tzouros is an economist and business consultant


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