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A message of optimism to those who are currently at sea, owners of health stores, is sent by the business consultant and head of Ependysis, Ypsilantis Tzouros, as important European programs and financial tools are at their disposal to help their businesses and plan better future  


Ypsilantis Tzouros on One Channel: How to build your own business

Speaking with Athenaida Nega, Mr. Tzouros clarified that today the country is in a state of stagnation and bankruptcy, as he pointed out that our productive capabilities have not changed while at the same time we can not borrow easily or almost not at all.


Will we sit and wait or try?

For days now, I have been respectfully following the initiatives of the people of tourism who ask for the help of the state, but also of the people of the business community as a whole to deal with the coronavirus crisis.


New jobs and prosperity or statics and misery?

We live in a country full of sun and sea. Greek hospitality is famous all over the world, even since antiquity, since the ancients  they considered it a moral duty and a sacred rule of the gods (the patron is Xenios Zeus), for this reason the foreigners, as sent by the gods, were considered holy, honored and respected persons.


Ypsilantis Tzourou Article: How will we claim new jobs for Greece?

Our ancestors grew up because they traveled, because they created. They were confident and outgoing. 


The NSRF as a lever for business development

The role of the NSRF programs as a lever for business development is analyzed, speaking on the show One Line Weekend, by the business consultant, Ypsilantis Tzouros, and the investment consultant, Evdokia Mavrommati. 


The digital company and simplification of procedures. Greece is a pioneer of developments

I try to remember how many years I read and listen to the same topics in the news.  The Greek State has always been the sure thing for the comedians of our country, with the citizens in endless queues, with lost time and suffering without any reciprocal benefit. 


A tourist, a hotelier and fifty euros

I will tell you a story today. It is useful and explains why free trade and open markets contribute to the well-being of the people.  


In a hotel in the summer  a tourist enters and asks for a room from the hotelier. 


On the road to Greece in 2021. Human well-being at the heart of developments

We often hear in the dialogues around us: 

"Aman now with this tax evasion. Time to stop. This is not a situation, they always pay themselves and themselves!"

More or less all people, regardless of education, profession or income, participate in these dialogues. 

The demand for fair taxation is horizontal and global, but especially in Greece even more intense. 


Another state aid and another statehood

In recent years, when the state has become more and more obvious that it has created many problems in Greece, I often see people who usually do not know financially, constantly turning against the NSRF, ie state aid, without knowing that most large companies today we have received state aid at some point in their course.

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