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Subsidy of Social and Solidarity Economy bodies in the Region of Epirus

Information sheet for submitting applications for financing investment projects in the Action

The new Action "Grant of Social and Solidarity Economy in the Region of Epirus"  has as its main objective the support of social and solidarity economy bodies (KALO) for the creation / strengthening of productive self-management projects and the collective social entrepreneurship,  the  reduction of unemployment mainly of vulnerable and special groups of the population  and boosting employment by creating new jobs.

Submission Period:

Start of Submissions: 1  October 2020 (13:00)

Closing of Submissions: 15  January 2021 (time 15:00)

Eligible program KAD

Beneficiaries of the Action:

The Beneficiaries of the Action Existing, New and Start-up companies,

which have an eligible KAD and are active in the Region of Epirus.

Investment Plans & Support

1. Investment plans from 20,000  up to 300,000 for businesses supported through

Regulation De Minimis EE1407 / 2013 with aid up to 65% .

2. Investment plans from 20,000 euros to 1,000,000 euros for companies that are supported through the General Exemption

EU Regulation 651/2014 with 45% aid for medium- sized enterprises and 55% for small and micro -enterprises

Basic Conditions for Participation

The basic conditions for the participation of the KALO bodies that submit a proposal are the following:

  • To operate legally in the form of the Social Economy Agency based on the provisions of Law 4430/2016 (Government Gazette 205 / AD / 2016), article 3, par. 1 (Government Gazette 205 / AD / 2016). • To maintain the status of a member of the Register throughout the implementation of the action, including long-term obligations.

  • Those KALO Bodies that have closed at least one administrative year should have submitted the respective tax forms.

  • Create at least one (1) full-time job or equivalent part-time job. Specifically, depending on the amount of the subsidized budget of their operation, the Beneficiaries should create at least: a) one  Annual Work Unit (EMU) when the amount of the subsidized budget of the operation amounts to the amount of 60,000.00 € b) two  Annual Units of Work (EMU) when the amount of the subsidized budget of the operation ranges from € 60,000.00 to € 100,000.00. It is pointed out that the SMEs that will be created according to the subsidized budget of each Beneficiary will have to be maintained for at least four  months after the completion of the investment.

  • To submit a business plan in the eligible sectors of activity that concern all KAD except those mentioned in Annex VIII of this announcement, as well as to carry out the corresponding expenses in the Region of Epirus. Please note that all further analyzes of KAD 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 12, 97, 98, 99, 00 are ineligible.

  • To have the declared KAD (s) before the electronic submission of the investment proposal and to be active in the Region of Epirus.

Subsidized Expenses


  • Operating expenses

  • Third party fees

    • Legal, consulting and accounting support fees (€ 2,000)

    • Writing and monitoring a business plan (€ 2,000) 

    • Quality assurance & environmental management systems certification costs (€ 3,000)

    • Other Third Party Fees

  • Promotion, publicity and networking costs

    • Website design and construction 

    • Cost of participation in professional exhibitions held in Greece 

    • Cost of participation in professional exhibitions held abroad 

    • Other costs of promotion, publicity and networking 

  • Salary cost of New Job (s) 100% in the SME calculation base 5 Small-scale space configuration costs 3% using a flexibility clause1 

  • Supply of consumables (including costs of supply of consumables in direct relation to the eligible activity of the Beneficiary) 10% 

  • Supply of raw materials / goods (including costs of supply of raw materials / goods in direct relation to the eligible activity of the Beneficiary) 10% 

  • Supply of machinery - production equipment - other equipment 40% using a flexibility clause2

  •   Supply of machinery - production equipment 8.2 Other equipment € 6,000

  • Software procurement-software configuration services

  • Software supply

  •   Cost of software / application configuration and training in their use  

Expenditures incurred from the date of application for funding are eligible.



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