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Development Law (4399/2016)

Documentation of the financing of the same participation of the investment plan is not required when submitting the proposal.

Investment Law Information 4399/2016

Duration of Submissions:

The submission period for the first four investment plan schemes announced is:

  • New Independent Media: From April 4  2018  until September 17  2018

  • Mechanical Equipment Aid: From 04 April  2018  until December 15  2018,  provided that the budget of this scheme is not exhausted earlier.

A letter from the Legal Representative of the institution can be submitted for the intention to take a loan and therefore there is no obligation to prove the institution's own participation, nor an obligation to pre-approve a loan from a bank when submitting the proposal.

Types of Aid:

  • Subsidy

  • Leasing subsidy

  • Tax exemption

  • Subsidizing the cost of employment created

  • Stabilization of income tax rate

  • Business risk financing through participation funds

  • All the above forms of aid are provided individually or in combination depending on the aid schemes of the laws.

Eligible players:

Eligible are companies that are located or have a branch in Greece  and have one of the following forms: sole proprietorship, commercial company, cooperative, social cooperative enterprises, Agricultural cooperatives, Producer Groups, Agricultural partnerships of Law 4384/2016, companies under establishment or merger, with the obligation to have complete the publicity procedures before the start of work of the investment plan, companies that operate in the form of a consortium with the condition of their registration in GEMI, public or municipal companies under conditions.

Minimum amount of investment plans:

The minimum amount of the investment is defined based on the size of the organization, ie:

a) for large companies in the amount of 500,000 euros

b) for medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives and for synergy and networking formations (clusters), in the amount of 250,000 euros

c) for small enterprises, in the amount of 150,000 euros

d) for very small enterprises, in the amount of 100,000 euros

e) for Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.), Agricultural Cooperatives, Producer Groups, Agricultural Partnerships, in the amount of 50,000 euros.

Own participation:

The participation of the entity in the cost of the investment plan can be done either through own funds or with external financing , provided that 25% of the total investment cost does not contain any state aid, support or provision.

Map of Regional Aid / Aid Rates
Χάρτης Περιφερειακών Ενισχύσεων Αναπτυξιακού

Eligible costs:

A. Investment costs in tangible assets :

  1. Expenses for construction, expansion, modernization of building installations as well as special and auxiliary. 

  2. Purchase and installation of new modern machinery and other equipment, including technical installations and means of transport that move within the premises of the unit.

  3. The leases of the financial leasing of new modern machines and other equipment.

  4. The costs of modernization of special installations (except building) and mechanical installations.

  5. The purchase of all existing fixed assets  (buildings, machinery, other equipment) or parts directly connected with a production unit, provided that the following is cumulative: the unit machinery and other equipment may not be older than 7 years from the date of acquisition and have not been subsidized in the past.

B. Eligible costs on intangible assets :

  1. Technology transfer through the purchase of intellectual property rights, licenses, patents, know-how and non-proprietary technical knowledge.

  2. Quality assurance and control systems, certifications, procurement and installation of software and business organization systems.

The maximum rate of intangible expenditure should not exceed 75% of the total investment cost for SMEs and 50% for large enterprises.

Special categories of aid:


   • Extroverts: small and medium, increased extroversion  their  > 10%  (ie ratio of value of their exports to their turnover)

  the  last 3 years before the application for membership,  > 5% to> 70% (exports to turnover),

   • Innovative: small and medium, with research and development costs  > 10% of their total operating expenses,

  for at least 1 year out of the last 3  before submitting the application for membership,  

   • Independent small and medium enterprises that proceed to a merger process after the date of publication of this law,  

   • Companies that show an increase in their employment> 10% in the last 3 years before applying for membership,

   • Cooperatives, Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.) as well as Producer Groups and Agricultural Partnerships,

   • Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Agri-Food sectors

   • Companies that achieve increased added value, relative to the average of their industry


   • Companies, whose investment plan is implemented in organized receivers

  (Industrial and Business Areas, Business Parks etc) and do not relate to

  modernization or expansion of existing structures  of the assisted company,

   • Companies whose investment plan is implemented in Special Areas:

  (453 Municipal Units. 43.8% of the total, 19.5%   of  total permanent population of the country)

    a. mountainous

    b. borders: distance 30 km from the border, as well as the islands of the North Aegean Region, the island of Samothrace in the Prefecture   Evros and the Prefecture of Dodecanese,

    c. islands with a population of less than 3,100 inhabitants

   d. areas with a decrease in permanent population> 30%, period 2001-2011

   e. companies whose investment plan is implemented in areas with particularly high migration flows and in particular:

  Agathonisi,  Kalymnos, Kastelorizo, Kos, Leros, Lesvos, Samos, Symi, Chios.

See more about them by clicking the image below.  



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