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Will we sit and wait or try?



of Ypsilantis Tzouros  (*)

For days now, I have been respectfully following the initiatives of the people of tourism who ask for the help of the state, but also of the people of the business community as a whole to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

I wonder, however, why no intervention has proposed to activate projects to achieve social distance in public space, but also targeted NSRF programs for the same reason, as well as for training of staff and business owners in new conditions of health and safety or the supply of necessary equipment to achieve business transformation in the new conditions.

I also wonder why we generally do not follow the next step of the obvious thought that no one will go for tourism in countries affected by the pandemic, but we start our thinking from the completely negative point that the year is lost.

It is clear that safe tourism and travel protocols will be developed by experts. People can not be permanently locked in their homes, nor locked in their communities. In fact, following this thought, the visitor will definitely want to go to safe places, after first passing the respective tests and after accepting that he must move in a certain way coming, possibly with various checks at his destination.

The new conditions in tourism from now on will be:

Health & Safety, Calm, Experience .

People who will come to calm down and prepare psychologically for the possible second wave of October will have to pay for this benefit.

Obviously it will not be 30 million. Besides, mass attendance will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Let us turn to quality tourism to the standards I have already mentioned and let us claim the doubling of per capita tourism expenditure by all the people who come to the country.

To make this scenario very difficult to execute, we need to make our businesses more 'smart' or, to put it simply, 'more experienced' in crisis management.

Therefore, hiring or collaborating companies with people in management and communication is imperative at this time.

I'm not happy at the moment but I have to say the obvious.

It is not possible for us all to know everything.

Connecting scientists and businesses is an urgent need and should be supported by the government through funding programs. One has to make this transformation for businesses to work.

The small family business model is very flexible, but at this stage additional skills are required which are very rare in Greece.

I write it again. I prefer not to be pleasant at the moment, but to write what needs to be done in time. The size of our companies helps to transform them, as it makes it easier to quickly train staff and graft it with knowledge.

It is clear that business owners must decide to trust people whose job it is to be cool and 'cold blooded', but also who will have the right knowledge.

Let's make the coming crisis an opportunity.

Let's capitalize on the respect we have gained from our success in managing the pandemic.

If nothing else, even if visitors are not allowed to come, in the most pessimistic scenario, we will be ready for 2021. Projects in public space and private companies will remain, something that will restart our economy faster and now in 2021 .

This activation will reduce the impending recession to levels much lower than written.

Finally our luck is in our hands again.

Will we sit and wait or try?

(*) Mr. Tzouros is a Business Consultant


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